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Claytime Cosmetics Eco Friendly Bamboo Cosmetic Brush Set

Claytime Cosmetics Eco Friendly Bamboo Cosmetic Brush Set
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Claytime Cosmetics Eco Friendly Bamboo Cosmetic Brush Set

To celebrate the launch of our pure mineral shadows we are delighted to introduce our newest addition to the Claytime Australia family, our eco friendly bamboo cosmetic brush set.

With recycled aluminium, sustainable bamboo, and pure soft vegan bristles all wrapped in a cotton hemp cloth pouch.

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    Perfect for Creatine loading for lean muscle gain

    Creatine Monohydrate is a dietary precurser of creatine phosphate (CP). Creatine Phosphate will replenish levels of ATP in muscle when stores have been depleted during power exercise. Supplementation of creatine in higher doses will also provide energy for muscle cells during periods of growth – a process called the phosphocreatine energy shuffle. Creatine is used to enhance performance and has been shown to improve short-term or intermittent, high-intensity exercise performance.


    Note: 1 level metric teaspoon = 5g (5000mg)

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  • Lakewood Organic Pure Concord Grape Juice 946ml

    Lakewood Organic Pure Concord Grape Juice 946ml

    100% Fresh Pressed Organic Concord Grape
    NOT from Concentrate, Contains NO water, NO Fillers, NO sweeteners, NO additives.

    Numerous medical studies suggest that concord grapes:

    • Help maintain normal cholesterol levels
    • Help Promote urinary tract health
    • Support and maintain normal blood pressure levels

    USDA Daily Recommendation: Nine 4 oz servings of fruit/vegetables for a 2000 calorie diet.

    Every 8 oz glass of Lakewood Concord Grape Juice contains two full servings of fruit.

    Lakewood Quality Since 1935. We believe there is NO equal. In appreciation of our customers, the Lakewood Family donates 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this product to organizations such as the International Red Cross Charitable Foundation.

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    This is a Natural Full Strength Fresh Pressed Concord Grape Juice. The naturally occuring postassium mineral found in the grapes has not been removed. This juice will settle and a small quantity of juice solids will form at the bottom of the bottle. Shake Well before serving to enjoy the complete nutritional value of this juice.

    Gluten Free* - Casein Free - GMO Free

    *100% fruit juices are Gluten Free

    Please note that seasonal availability of fresh fruits and vegetables may affect the specific label information and product flavor profiles of Lakewood Juice Products.

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    Organic Almond Butter, Organic Date Paste, Organic Premium Agave Nectar, Organic Dark Chocolate chips-Non-Dairy (Organic Evaporated Cane juice, Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Cocoa Butter, Non-GMO Soya Lecithin), Organic Brown Rice Protein, Organic BioSprout-Flax, Organic BioSprout-Quinoa, Organic Sesame Seeds and Lots of Love!
  • Melrose Omega Fibre (Flaxseed Fibre) Organic 300g

    Melrose Omega Fibre (Flaxseed Fibre) Organic 300g

    People generally overlook the importance of the digestive system in the maintenance of good health. Our digestive system is responsible for processing food so that it can be transported to the cells for energy, growth and development. With such a vital role the digestive system needs to be cared for daily.

    Fibre helps food move through the bowel more easily and aids in the elimination of wastes including cholesterol and excess hormones. A diet high in fibre may reduce the risk of colon cancer (1) and may reduce blood cholesterol levels (2).

    When the bowel and digestive system do not actively work it results in a reduction in the frequency of bowel movements or the occurrence of hard bowel movements. It is a problem that most people have experienced. Treatment has traditionally been with pharmaceutical laxatives which increase propulsive activity of the intestines by causing local irritation of the intestinal wall.

    This can lead to dependency as the muscles of the intestinal tract become lazy. Malabsorption can also occur as transit time is too quick for nutrients to be absorbed by the body.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is this different to a laxative?
    Melrose Omega Fibre is based on Australian Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal, Licorice Root, Slippery Elm Bark Powder and Aloe Vera Juice Powder.

    Melrose Omega Fibre supports a gentle cleansing of the intestinal tract and may be taken on a daily basis without the worry of dependency.

    How does Melrose Omega fibre work?
    Omega Fibre has a mucilaginous bulking agent, providing both soluble and insoluble fibre to aid regular bowel movement.

    The flaxseed meal in Omega Fibre works in two ways:
    1. The mucilage is an excellent bulking agent making the stools more voluminous providing mechanical stimulation of the bowel
    2. The oily constituent of flaxseeds provides a lubricating action.

    Omega Fibre contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. It contains high levels of soluble fibre that is reported to help reduce blood cholesterol and the incidence of colon cancer. Omega Fibre contains the highest dietary source of plant lignans that recent studies suggest may be anti-cancer agents (3). Omega Fibre also contains omega 3 fatty acid which has been shown to be beneficial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (4) and rheumatoid arthritis (5).

    Licorice Root
    Glycyrrhizin, found in Licorice, and its derivative Glycyrrhetinic acid have anti-inflammatory and healing effects on already damaged intestinal mucosa, protecting the intestines from further damage.

    Slippery Elm
    Slippery elm is produced from the bark of small elm trees Ulmus fulva and Ulmus rubra. The bark is mucilaginous and when consumed increases the flow of mucous along the gastrointestinal tract. Mucous provides a protective coating to irritated tissues.

    Aloe Vera
    The Aloe Vera in Omega Fibre is produced from the gel by dessicant removal of moisture until reaching the dryness of a powder - a concentration of 200 times.

    On the addition of moisture the powder is reactivated into Aloe Vera juice with a concentration of 10% in Omega Fibre. The use of Aloe Vera has become of widespread interest supporting and maintaining overall activity levels.

    What are the signs of an unhealthy digestive system?
    • Indigestion
    • Halitosis
    • Bloating
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhoea
    • Wind
    • Fatigue
    • Nausea
    • Headaches
    • Malabsorption
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    How should I take Omega fibre?
    Sprinkle two heaped teaspoons of Omega Fibre over cereals, fruit, yoghurt or stir into a glass of water or fruit juice.

    Suggested Serving Size: 10gm

    Ensure an adequate soluble and insoluble fibre intake by eating a variety of unprocessed foods including; Fruit, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Seeds, Legumes. Drink plenty of fluids. Increase exercise.

    Product Sizes
    Omega fibre is available in a 300g tub.

    Melrose Omega Fibre is wheat, gluten and psyllium free making it ideal for those with food allergies or the most sensitive intestinal tracts.
  • Organic Bubs Pumpkin and Kumara Cous Cous 120g

    Organic Bubs Pumpkin and Kumara Cous Cous 120g

    Organic Bubs is an adorable range of children’s meals made from 100% certified organic fresh ingredients.

    Our meals are prepared by hand in small batches in our own Organic Commercial Kitchen, using simple home-style cooking methods such as steaming, baking and slow cooking. We hand-pick only the finest Australian-grown produce from certified organic growers and wholesalers.

    All ingredients are cooked fresh and immediately snap-frozen to lock in all their natural flavour, colour and nutrients, and to avoid over-processing.

    We believe the foods that our Bubs eat help to create who they are. That’s why our meals contain NO additives, preservatives, GMO’s, artificial colouring or flavouring, added salt or sugar, thickeners or other fillers. Nothing but real organic food!

    All meals are made with love, with the wellbeing of all bubs at the heart of what we stand for.

    Can be stored at room temperature

    6m+ silky smooth

    Allergy friendly

    Each tub contains:
    Organic Pumpkin 55%
    Organic Kumara (sweet potato) 25%
    Organic Millet Cous Cous 20%
    (gluten-free millet, purified water)
    Nasties 0%
  • Natural Alternative Triple Milled Goatsmilk Soap Lemongrass & Lemon Myrtle 100g

    Natural Alternative Triple Milled Goatsmilk Soap Lemongrass & Lemon Myrtle 100g

    Skin is our largest organ. Yet we so easily forget to care for it. This soap— enriched with Vitamin E for repair, sweet almond oil and glycerin for moisture, and milled three times to remove impurities—takes care of us even when we don’t.

    Sweet, nutty smell of almonds gives us that clean, down-to-earth feeling, which is just what we’re after, especially when it’s paired with any of the fragrant combinations.

    Natural Alternative products contain quality natural ingredients such as essential oils and herbal extracts, which are good for you and the environment. Their products are not tested on animals, and they go above and beyond to make packaging from as many recycled materials as possible.

    Cleanse, nourish and invigorate yourself with Natural Alternative!


    Vitamin E, Sweet almond oil, Glycerin

    Using only Mother Nature’s ingredients, products do not contain:
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
    Harsh Surfactants
    Harmful Chemicals

    One FREE soap per order only

  • Dr Bronner's Shaving Soap Gel Peppermint Organic 207ml

    Dr Bronner's Shaving Soap Gel Peppermint Organic 207ml

    Certified by the same National Organic Program that certifies food our shaving gels are smooth and effective without any synthetic ingredients.

    Organic Shikakai comes from the seed pods of the small South Asian tree Acacia Concinna.

    Extracted in organic sucrose and grape juice it provides soothing moisturizing glide.

    Dr Bronner's Spearmint Peppermint Organic Shaving Gel Ingredients
    Grape (Vitis Vinifera) Juice, Sucrose, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Olivate, Glycerin, Acacia concinna (Shikakai) Nut Powder, Potassium Hempate, Potassium Jojobate, Mentha Peperita (Peppermint) Oil, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil, Citric Acid, Tocop
  • Dr Bronner's Pure Baby Mild (Unscented) Castile Organic Soap 3.78 Litres

    Dr Bronner's Pure Baby Mild (Unscented) Organic Soap 3.78 Litres

    Unlike any you’ve ever used. A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being aggressive and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin silky-smooth and refreshed.
    • Completely Biodegradable and Vegetable-Based
    • Made with Certified Fair Trade and Organic Oils
    • Multi-Purpose: 18-in-1 Uses
    • No Synthetic Foaming Agents, Thickeners or Preservatives
    • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Cylinder Bottles and Paper Labels
    • Simple, Ecological Formulations Based on Old-World Quality and Expertise
    • #1-Selling Natural Brand of Soaps in North America
    Dr Bronner's Pure Baby Mild (Unscented) Organic Soap INGREDIENTS:
    Water, Saponified Organic Coconut*, Organic Palm* and Organic Olive* Oils (w/Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils**, Citric Acid, Vitamin E

    All soaps are not only certified by Oregon Tilth to the same rigorous USDA National Organic Program standards that certify organic foods, but also are certified Fair Trade by the respected Swiss certifier IMO.

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