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Cold Compression Therapy Ankle 48cm x 56cm

Cold Compression Therapy Ankle 48cm x 56cm
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Cold Compression Therapy Ankle 48cm x 56cm

Talar Madeis unique and patented system incorporates a gel cold pack covered with frost free lining to allow application directly to the skin the unique adjustable compression chamber design positioned behind the cold pack provides both contouring and compression around the site of injury.

Ideal for sports injuries, sprains and strains, ligament damage, general overuse injuries. Eight designs to ensure all body segments can be treated effectively.

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    Keeps skin soft, supple and smooth. Light sesame oil and precious sea buckthorn together protect and penetrate quickly without leaving an oily layer on the skin.

    The vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids in Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream help protect the hands from dehydration: dry hands are softened, becoming more supple and smooth.

    The combination of precious Sea Buckthorn Oil and gentle Sesame Oil supports the natural functions of the skin and helps restore the hydro-lipid layer. The essential oils provide the fresh fruity fragrance. Light and creamy, Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film.

    Used daily, this rich cream helps to rediscover your hands natural softness.

    Directions for use:
    Use Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream daily. Apply a small amount to the hands and massage until completely absorbed.

    INCI: Water (Aqua), Sesame (Sesamum Indicum) Oil, Alcohol, Hydrolyzed Beeswax, Tapioca (Manihot Esculenta) Starch, Lysolecithin, Beeswax (Cera Flava), Glyceryl Stearate SE, Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) Oil, Fragrance (Parfum: natural essential oils of Grapefruit, Litsea cubeba, Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang ylang), Xanthan gum.
  • Lupin8 400g

    Lupin8 400g

    Lupin8 is a total weight control / lifestyle product that is used in everyday cooking and diet regimes.

    Lupin8 combines the health and dietary benefits of its all natural ingredients including LKF (Lupin Kernel Flour), creating a product that is high in Dietary Protein and Fibre, Omega 3, Folate, Niacin and rich in antioxidants.

    This unique combination creates a powder that can be added to breakfast cereals, home made bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, stir fry�s, casseroles, sauces, soups, and shakes etc with little change to their flavour or texture.

    By using Lupin8 in every day food preparation there is no need for special or fad diets. Lupin8�s inclusion in the normal family food regime helps reduce portion intake, improve bowel health and activity and most importantly minimizes the obesity risk by controlling the desire to snack between meals.

    What is Lupin8?
    The inclusion of Lupin8 in your daily diet has been shown to reduce the blood glucose response and the insulin response, releasing sugar more slowly. The specialised combination of both soluble and insoluble fibre helps reduce “bad” cholesterol while promoting “good” cholesterol. These fibres also reduce the transit time of food through the bowel, promoting regular bowel movements and removing toxic wastes faster.

    Importantly Lupin8 beneficially influences satiety (appetite suppression) helping to control the urge to snack between meals.

    Key benefits include:
    Beneficially influence satiety (appetite suppression) and energy balance

    The unique properties of Lupin8 have be shown to slow the stomachs digestion of food while sending signals to the brain that it is fuller sooner. This can reduce the food intake as well as the desire to smack between meals.

    Beneficially influence in Glycemic control
    The inclusion of LKF in daily meals has been shown to benefit the control of type 2 diabetes with appropriate diet.

    Lupin8’s core ingredient LKF, included into white bread has been shown to significantly reduced the blood glucose response and the insulin response. The naturally high soluble fibre content can bind with fatty acids prolonging stomach emptying time so that sugar is released and absorbed more slowly.

    Beneficially reduce LDL Cholesterol without affecting HDL Cholesterol
    Lupin8’s ingredients act as a soluble fibre to reduce the total LDL (bad) cholesterol without affecting HDL (good) cholesterol.

    The inclusion of Lupin8 in the diet has been shown to positively elevate high density lipoprotein cholesterol (the "good cholesterol) and so decreases the ratio of the total cholesterol over high density cholesterol.

    Improve bowel health
    Including Lupin8 in your everyday food preparation can reduce transit time, lower the colon pH (anti-cancer) and act as a “pre-biotic”. This naturally promotes regular bowel movements and removes toxic waste through the colon in less time.

    The inclusion of a “pre-biotic” in the diet has also been shown to positively influence absorption of nutrients within the colon.

    Beneficially assists the bodies defense mechanisms
    The additional sources of Omega3, folate, niacin, antioxidants, zinc, potassium, Vitamin E and Dietary Fibre in Lupin8 has been shown to assist the bodies defense mechanisms I the following ways.

    Omega 3
    Omega-3 fats are beneficial in at least three areas of human health: heart disease, inflammatory disease, and development of vision and brain function in babies.

    Folate helps produce and maintain new cells. Adequate folate intake during the periconceptual period, the time just before and just after a woman becomes pregnant, protects against neural tube defects.

    Niacin is used by your body to convert carbohydrates into sugar (glucose), which your body then uses for energy. Niacin is required for cell respiration, helps in the release of energy and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, proper circulation and healthy skin, functioning of the nervous system, and normal secretion of bile and stomach fluids. It is used in the synthesis of sex hormones, treating schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, and a memory-enhancer.

    Antioxidents help to counter the detrimental effects of oxygen free radicals, Oxygen free radicals have been implicated in the development of several diseases including cancer and heart disease.

    Zinc stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes, which are substances that promote biochemical reactions in your body. Zinc supports a healthy immune system, is needed for wound healing, helps maintain your sense of taste and smell, and is needed for DNA synthesis. Zinc also supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.

    Potassium is a mineral that helps the kidneys function normally. It also plays a key role in cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscle contraction, making it an important nutrient for normal heart, digestive, and muscular function.

    Vitamin E
    As an antioxidant, Vitamin E is essential for protecting body tissue from the damage of oxidation by neutralising free radicals in the body that cause tissue and cellular damage. It is important in the formation of red blood cells and also contributes to a healthy circulatory system. Vitamin E is also great for cholesterol as it prevents it from being converted to plaque which thickens the blood vessels and leads to stroke and heart disease

    Dietary Fibre
    Dietary fibre, particularly insoluble fibre, increases stool weight and, decreases gut transit time and in so doing, helps to relieve constipation. There is some evidence that dietary fibre, particularly soluble dietary fibre (mainly b-glucans) found in barley and oats, may slow digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and hence lower blood glucose and insulin responses. Resistant starch may also reduce or delay the rise in blood glucose and insulin following a meal by slowing the rate and extent of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.
  • Green and Blacks Organic Butterscotch Milk Chocolate 100g

    Green and Blacks Organic Butterscotch Milk Chocolate 100g

    Each bite of this bar reveals crisp, crunchy pieces of organic butterscotch submerged in our wonderfully cocoay darker shade of milk chocolate. For those who love the unmistakable molasses flavour of traditional butterscotch, this is the bar for you.

    Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Whole Milk Powder (24%), Organic Cocoa Mass, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Butterscotch (10%) (Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Glucose, Organic Butter, Organic Palm Fat, Organic Molasses, Natural Flavouring), Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Organic Vanilla Extract.
  • Riolife Pure Freeze Dried Acai Berry Powder 50g

    Riolife Pure Freeze Dried Acai Berry Powder 50g

    Want to look good and feel great?

    Introducing Nature's perfect health & beauty formula...

    RioLife's NEW 100% Pure Organic Acai Berry powder!

    The RioLife Acai Berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is an amazing health, beauty and energy food wild harvested from palm trees (Euterpe oleracea) in the Amazon.

    Packed full of antioxidants, RioLife Acai Berries help fight free radicals which can cause the visible signs of ageing.

    At the same time, RioLife's 100% Certified Organic Acai Berry formula replenishes your system with energy, omegas 3, 6 & 9 (good-for-you fatty acids), fibre, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Baby Organics Top to Toe Baby Wash 98% Certified Organic 125ml

    Baby Organics Top to Toe Baby Wash 98% Certified Organic 125ml

    Soap and sulphate free and with a low foaming formula, Organic Top to Toe Baby Wash is an all-in-one cleanser to use on baby’s skin, hair and scalp. Because your baby’s skin is exposed to urine, stool and spit-up milk or food, it needs to be cleansed more often.

    Baby Organics Top to Toe Baby Wash Ingredients

    Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Saponified Organic Coconut Oil, Saponified Organic Olive Oil, Purified Water, Organic Ethanol, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Bio-dynamic Avocado Oil, Bio-dynamic Macadamia Oil, Organic Soapwort Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil, Potassium Sorbate (natural preservative), Organic Olive Leaf Extract, Organic Green Tea Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract, Organic Nettle Extract.

  • Natures Goodness Superbeet Formula Beetroot Juice Concentrate 500ml

    Natures Goodness Superbeet Formula Beetroot Juice Concentrate 500ml

    • High in Nitrates
    • Memory
    • Energy
    • Endurance
    • No added sugar
    • Makes 3 Litres
    • ORAC 25,000 µmol/L

    Health benefits of beetroot

    Beetroot has been a staple food in Eastern Europe for many centuries. It also served an important role as a dietary supplement because of its numerous nutrients.

    It has been shown that high nitrate foods improve blood circulation in many parts of the body including brain, heart and muscle. Improved memory and physical endurance up to 15% was noted in controlled experiments.

    The juice concentrate also contains pomegranate juice and grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is one of nature’s strongest antioxidants.

    Serving Suggestion

    Dilute 1 part of juice (30-50ml) with 5-6 parts of water.


    Store below 30ºC. Keep refrigerated after opening.


    Beetroot juice concentrate (80%), pomegranate juice concentrate (10%), apple juice concentrate (9%), grape seed extract, citric acid (food acid), sodium benzoate (preservative), potassium sorbate (preservative).

    No added sugar, yeast, gluten, salt, artificial colours or flavours.


    Please note that beetroot juice can change the colour of your urine and stools, however this is perfectly normal.

  • Earthwise Shower Cleaner Eucalyptus and Lemon 500ml

    Earthwise Shower Cleaner Eucalyptus and Lemon 500ml

    Earthwise Shower Cleaner is a naturally powerful formula that cuts through scum and grime. The unique plant based cleaning agents leave no toxic chemical residues, and are suitable for shower and bath tub surfaces. It’s grey water and septic tank safe, and contains biodegradable surfactants – a gentler choice for you and the environment.

    Earthwise Shower Cleaner Eucalyptus and Lemon Directions

    Spray on to shower or bath tub surface and use a clean, damp cloth to spread the cleaner over the surface area. For grime or soap scum build up, spray product directly on to the affected area. Leave for 30-60 seconds then rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

    All products have an effect on the environment. Always use the correct dose for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Store this product in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

    Phosphate Free. Nitrate Free. Chlorine Free. Ammonia Free.

  • Dr Bronner's All-One Hemp Baby Mild (Unscented) Organic Bar Soap 140g

    Dr Bronner's All-One Hemp Baby Mild (Unscented) Organic Bar Soap 140g

    Nothing brings the warmth and coziness of home and hearth into your shower like a heavenly almond scent.

    Completely biodegradable and vegetable based.

    Made with Certified Fair Trade and Certified Organic Oils, based on old world quality and expertise.

    Wrapped in 10% hemp-flax / 90% post-consumer recycled paper.

    Dr Bronner's All-One Hemp Baby Mild (Unscented) Organic Bar Soap Ingredients:
    Organic coconut oil*, organic palm oil*, sodium hydroxide**, water, organic olive oil*, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, salt, citric acid, tocopherol.
    * certified fair trade ingredients ** none remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin.

  • Morlife D-Aspartic Acid 250g

    Morlife D-Aspartic Acid 250g

    Aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid that is synthesised in the body. Additionally, it can be provided in the diet by some animal and plant proteins. The body can convert L-aspartic acid to D-aspartic acid through an enzymatic process. D-aspartic acid functions differently and more specifically in the body than L-aspartic acid. D-aspartic acid is more specifically involved with sex hormone production in males. It is also involved with neurotransmitter release in the body. For this reason D-aspartic acid may be useful for male athletes undergoing strenuous exercise.

    Morlife D-Aspartic acid is 100% pure powdered amino acid. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    • 100% Pure
    • Gluten Free
    • No Artificial Additives
    • Free from colours, flavours, preservatives & sweeteners
    • Free from added Sugar & Salt

    Suggested Use:

    Mix 1 - 1 ¼ teaspoons into water, juice or other drinks. Best used prior to exercise, in between meals or as professionally recommended i.e. on a sports training plan. Ideally use on a short term basis only.


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