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Direct Health Alkamax Powder 200g

Direct Health Alkamax Powder 200g
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Direct Health Alkamax Powder 200g

Acidic stress relief

Alkamax contains a unique combination of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and the strong base magnesium hydroxide designed to assist in the buffering of both organic and inorganic acids.

A neutral and alkaline peptdase with both endo and exopepidase activity extended protein hydrolysis. Amylase being most active in a neutral to alkaline environment has been added to the formulation for carbohydrate hydrolysis. Both enzymes have been expressed not only in activity unit but also in mg and are certified to a standard ingredient specification.

Alkamax can be taken after food or on an empty stomach. Odourless, mixes well with drinks.

This product contains no animal ingredients, no added salt, yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or additives.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Tahe 1/2 level teaspoon (equiv 1.5g) dissolve in a glass of water or sweet juice 3 times daily after each meal or as prescribed by a health practitioner.

Acidic stress, heartburn, food intolerance, under-active digestion, assimilation and metabolism.

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    Many proprietary creams used to alleviate intimate irritation contain chemicals that can cause discomfort but Kolorex Intimate Care is a new type of cream, designed to soothe sensitive, skin in intimate areas, gently restoring balance naturally - without harsh synthetic chemicals.

    Kolorex Intimate Care contains the unique New Zealand Horopito extract (kolorXtract), as well as tea tree oils to gently cleanse the skin; apricot kernel oil, aloe vera and natural source vitamin E to soothe and nourish; and lactic acid to restore natural pH balance.

    Kolorex Intimate Care Cream is
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    Directions for use
    Apply to intimate areas two or three times daily. Please note that the cleansing extracts may cause a brief sensation of warmth upon application.
  • Oscar Vital Max 900 Living Juicer Chrome

    Oscar Vital Max 900 Living Juicer Chrome

    The Oscar VitalMax Juicer is the best single gear juicer available, fine tuned by the original maker of the single gear juicer to be a living juicer and food processor. Whether you’re taking care of your own health, or have a family to care for, this juicer is the ultimate multipurpose kitchen appliance.

    The Oscar Juicer is more than just a juicer...

    The Oscar Juicer is a Fruit Juicer
    Juice your soft and hard fruits, even citrus fruits - juice limes, skin & all! The Oscar juicer is a health juicer that extracts the most nutrients and provides the best health benefits.

    The Oscar Juicer is a Vegetable Juicer
    The OSCAR VitalMax preserves the highest amount of vital enzymes when juicing vegetables like celery, carrots, peppers, radishes, cabbage, and kale. In fact, all vegetables including leafy greens such as parsley and spinach can be processed resulting in natural vegetable juices that taste great!

    The Oscar Juicer is a Medicinal Juicer
    Wheatgrass, aloe leaves, pine needles and other medicinal herbs, which can be juiced with the OSCAR VitalMax.

    The Oscar Juicer is a Pasta Maker
    Making pasta has never been easier. Make Bread stick, healthy soups and fresh noodles in just minutes with the range of pasta nozzles. Add some juice for extra nutrition!

    The Oscar Juicer is a Mincer and a Blender
    The OSCAR VitalMax Juicer chops and minces garlic, scallions, red pepper, ginger, radish and many other foods, including herbs and seasonings. Making organic baby foods are simple and preparing soft foods is easy.

    Benefits To Your health
    The Oscar Juicer is a Cold Press Juicer which means that it does not generate the heat that destroys vital nutrients and living enzymes. Cold Press Juicers unlock key elements from the fibre in fruit and vegetables that ensure maximum nutrients are retained.

    Natural juices do not contain the level of sugar and other additives that contribute to weight gain. Whether you are making healthy juices as a weight loss supplement or for a new diet, you will enjoy preparing juice recipes that are tasty and retain the most nutrients possible.

    Cold Press Juice is a great concentrated source of energy that can help fight disease. It can substitute solid foods whilst fasting, improve muscle recovery, decrease toxicity, reduce incidences of heart disease, diabetes, and cancers as well as improve overall health conditions to help live healthier and happier over an extended life span.

    The Oscar Vital Max is the best juicer for health and the most advanced single gear juicer available. It is a great value juicer, provides the maximum amount of pulp-free juice and keeps the vital nutrients alive for 48 hours.

    • The Vital Max juicer is fully insulated for safety and to prevent corrosion
    • It features a newly patented 3 step auger crushing and squeezing system that provides the maximum amount of pulp free juice
    • The Vital max uses a system that crushes and squeezes juice and vegetables, similar to cold pressing, that does not does not destroy enzymes through heating
    • Juicing is economical and creates minimal wastage by squeezing every last drop of moisture from fresh produce, reducing wastage.
    • Juice and vegetable pulp is expelled from the front of the juicer so there is continuous juicing and no clogging
    • Its gentle, slow-turning action produces greater quantities of juice and retains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre!


    The Oscar Juicer
    Whether you are looking to buy a White Juicer, Black Juicer, or buying a juicer with a Chrome finish, you will be investing in a long lasting, affordable, durable and most advanced juicer.

    • Durable – Juicer parts are made from Ultem resin which is a tough polycarbonate that results in a significantly stronger and more durable juicer.
    • Juice whole fruits – Conveniently juice whole fruits without the need for chopping or slicing.
    • Continuous Juicing – Because the pulp is removed from the front of the juicer there is no need to start and stop juicing. You can enjoy uninterrupted continuous juicing.
    • Versatile – Choose from a range of optional attachments that convert your juicer into a meat mincer, Ice crusher, multi slicer and more!
    • More nutrients – Using the cold-press method, the Vital Max 900 produces more nutritious and better tasting juices when compared with common domestic juicers.
    • Easy Cleaning – The Oscar Juicer is made with parts that are very easy to clean. Simply remove the nozzle attachment and rinse under water.
    • Quiet – no noise, just healthy juice packed with living enzymes for Vitality!
    • Attachments – Comes with optional front-end attachments
    • Multipurpose – This juicer can make pasta, breadsticks, healthy soups, noodles and much more.
    • Robust – The 200 watt motor and gearbox is designed to ensure a long lasting and maintenance free operating life.
    • Warranty – As an added bonus, you can feel secure with a 20-year warranty on the motor and a 5-year warranty on parts. Simply contact us for whatever reason and we will take care of the rest for you

    SKU JU-OS-900-AU-
    Colour Options Chrome/White/Black
    Dimensions L 39 cm x H 33 cm x D 19 cm
    Net Weight 6.04
    Warranty 20 years on motor and gear box, 5 years on parts
    Extraction Type Single gear, cold press
    Noise Level Low
    Wattage 200W
    Compatible Foods Fruit, Vegetables, Wheatgrass, Meat, Pasta Dough
    Included Accessories Strainer
    Easy to Clean Yes

    Extra Features

    • Low speed cold press screw auger (like stone mill)
    • Rotations of 75rpm
    • 1.4 horsepower motor with capacitor and cooling fan
    • Made from tough Polycarbonate
    • Living Juice stays alive for up to 48 hours
  • Essenzza Ear Candles 2 Pair

    Essenzza Ear Candles 2 Pair

    Ear Candles have been used for centuries to create a sense of well being and hold a respected place in traditional medicine around the globe. Essenzza earcandles are made using only 100% natural cotton and beeswax and use a spiral wrap design that creates little to no “chimney” after burning.

    Our industry leading safety features include an internal filter, stop ring and flame protection disk.

    • Professional Quality
    • 100% Beeswax / Cotton
    • Safety Filter
    • Protective Disk
    • Stop Ring

    Let your ears tell you the difference

  • Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO30+ 1kg

    Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO30+ (Active +5) 1kg

    MGO™ Manuka Honey is labelled based on the minimum Methylglyoxal content (mg/kg) it contains. As Methylglyoxal is the active compound directly responsible for the antibacterial activity of Manuka honey , the higher the Methylglyoxal content of MGO™ Manuka Honey, the stronger the antibacterial activity.

    MGO™30+ Manuka Honey is the equivalent of Active +5 in the older (non-peroxide activity) system.

    • Active 5+ = MGO™ 30
    • NPA 10 = MGO™ 100
    • NPA 15 = MGO™ 250
    • NPA 20 = MGO™ 400
    • NPA 25 = MGO™ 550
  • Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey Organic Drink 473ml

    Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey Organic Drink 473ml

    Apple Cider Vinegar has been highly regarded throughout history. In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used it for its amazing natural detox cleansing, healing, and energizing qualities. Hippocrates prescribed Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with honey for its health properties. Now you can enjoy Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey in a convenient refreshing drink.

    *Certified Organic by Organic Assurance International in accordance with the USDA organic standards

    Gluten Free

    • Rich in enzymes & potassium
    • Naturally support a healthy immune system
    • Helps control weight
    • Promotes digestion & ph Balance
    • Helps soothe dry throats
    • Helps remove body sludge toxins
    • Helps maintain healthy skin
    • Helps promote youthful, healthy bodies
    • Soothes irritated skin
    • Relieves muscle pain from exercise
    Pure Distilled Water, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Honey
  • Endura Sports Energy Gel Grape 20x35g

    Endura Sports Energy Gel Grape 20x35g

    Instant and Sustained Energy

    What is a sports gel?
    Endura Sports Energy Gels are a convenient energy source with energy boosters like caffeine, and a blend of immediate impact and slow release carbohydrates to sustain energy levels. You can store them on you and just take with water as you need. They are an easy way of keeping glycogen levels up and are suitable for taking either during the whole event, or to get you through when you hit the wall.

    Why do I need to have the gel with water?
    It is best to drink water when you consume gels, to avoid gastric upsets. For each gel consumed, look at drinking around 250-300 mL of water to achieve an isotonic solution for best absorption. Some athletes may find drinking so much water in one hit difficult. If this is the case take the gel over 10–20 minutes and have small sips with every portion, to reach around that 250-300mL total.

    What is the sugar Endura Sports Gels are sweetened with?
    Endura Sports Energy Gels are sweetened with specialised branched chain glucose polymers and microcrystalline fructose which provide rapid gastric emptying and absorption.

    Maximise glycogen levels with Endura Sports Energy Gels
    Endura Sports Energy Gels are a concentrated source of carbohydrates, providing a big boost of energy in a single compact serve. Endura™ Sports Energy Gel contains 26 g of carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores and give you the fuel to keep going. So when you need a blast of energy in a convenient, quick and easy form, take an Endura™ Sports Energy Gel!

    Directions for use
    For Best Results, consume one 35 g serve (1 1/3 tablespoons or 26.4 mL) or one sachet:

    Before exercise - 15 minutes prior to exercise.

    During exercise - Every 30 minutes with fluid to prevent glycogen depletion and energy loss.

    After exercise - Directly after exercise to aid recovery.

    Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women and individuals sensitive to caffeine. It is vital to consume ample water to avoid dehydration.

    Do not use if cap and/or bottle seals are missing or broken.

    Store below 30°C. Refrigerate after opening.

  • Maharishi Ayurveda Vata Tea Organic 16 Bags

    Maharishi Ayurveda Organic Vata Tea 16 Bags

    Create a zone of inner calm
    That 'too-much-to-do, too-little-time' feeling can cause you to be on edge, restless, anxious. A few sips of Vata Tea will help your whirling mind settle down and your body relax. Whether at work, at home, or on the road, sweet soothing Vata Tea can help you stay calm and alert.

    Spice Wise
    Spices are ingredients in many synergistic ayurvedic herbal formulations, and an ayurvedic expert, when giving you advice, is as likely to recommend specific spices to include in your diet as to suggest herbal supplements for you to take.

    • Licorice contributes the sweet taste, useful for pacifying Vata.
    • Cardamom is tridoshic (good for balancing all three doshas). Cardamom is considered an excellent digestive, especially beneficial in reducing bloating and intestinal gas.
    • Ginger is a zesty spice useful in aiding digestion, enhancing appetite, and pacifying stomach disorders.
    • In ayurveda, cinnamon is used to balance the digestion and to pacify stomach disorders.

    Organic Licorice, Organic Ginger, Organic Cardamom, Organic Cinnamon.

    Herbal Recommendations
    Drink Maharishi Ayurveda Vata Tea for its calming effect on mind, body and emotions. Especially effective when you are feeling worried, restless or overwhelmed. Perfect when the weather is cold and dry.

  • Dr Superfoods Antioxidant Super Berries 10kg

    Dr Superfoods Antioxidant Super Berries 10kg

    Our mix of goji berries, blueberries and cranberries are some of the highest antioxidant berries on the planet. This is a delicious mix makes a healthy addition to breakfast cereal, yoghurt or snacks.

    Did you know??....A diet rich in antioxidants offers a wide range of health benefits including boosting the immune system, possibly slowing the ageing process, reducing risk to certain age-related diseases, etc. The recommended daily intake of antioxidants is 3,500 to 5,000 ORAC units per day. Are you getting enough?

    Antioxidant Rating: Off the planet (approx. 15,000 ORAC units per 100g)

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