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Durand Stoneware Seamist Stone Water Filter System 12 Litres with Royal Doulton Filter

Durand Stoneware Seamist Stone Water Filter System 12 Litres  with Royal Doulton Filter
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14.00 kg
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Durand Stoneware Seamist Stone Water Filter System 12 Litres with Royal Doulton Filter

Durand Water Filter Systems are a healthy, attractive, benchtop, domestic water filter system, ideal for home and the office, that stores cool GREAT tasting drinking water at an affordable price.

Designed to filter and store your drinking water. Complete with stainless steel tap, ceramic filter, instructions & pedestal

Our Australian made water filter systems use a replaceable & affordable "Royal Doulton" ceramic, & activated carbon filter candle which removes unwanted impurities from your water supply.

Durand Water Filters are gravity fed and do not require any electricity or plumbing, and are NOT a "fixed installation", so they are easy to move and clean.

Made with lead free glazes, Durand Water Filters are the perfect non-toxic way to filter your own water. They make an attractive and healthful addition to any home, office or workplace.

The Durand Water Filters are designed to fit all major brands of ceramic replacement filters, we presently choose to offer the Durand Water Filter system fitted with what we consider the world's best ceramic filter element, the "Royal Doulton Ceramic Filter Candle"

  • Producing Clean, Safe Drinking Water.
  • (for less than 2 cents a litre with NO installation costs)

The "Durand Water Filters" stand approximately 480mm to 500mm high, and 250mm to 270mm wide.

Doulton Ceramic Filters Will Remove at least:-

  • 95% of Chlorine
  • 99.999% of Harmful Bacteria
  • 99.999% of Amoeba
  • 98% Suspended Solids
  • 99.999% of Giardia
  • 99.999% of Cryptosporidium

Particulate Reduction

  • 0.9micron>99.99%
  • 0.5micron>99.9%
  • 0.2micron>98%.

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    Dick Wicks Australia's trusted brand of quality magnetic therapy products invites you to enjoy vibrant health and soothing sleep with natural drug free therapy.

    For a sound, rejuvenating, restful sleep, experience the "re-energising sleep field" created by Dick Wicks Magnets.

    We now give you MORE magnets in our underlays & pillow protectors.

    • A natural & non invasive magnetic therapy that creates MAX sleep power
    • Luxurious Premium quality Australian Wool.
    • Plush 350 GSM SUPERWASH wool pile.
    • Incorporating ULTRA-FRESH performance antimicrobial for safe and effective control of a wide range of bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew and dust mites.
    • We give you the most magnets in our underlays & pillow protectors - up to 430 magnets (1200 gauss) when used in conjunction with our pillow protectors.
    • AssistS peripheral circulation & quickens the natural healing process.
    • Dick Wicks POWER magnets have a lifetime guarantee.
    • Can be used in conjunction with an electric blanket.
    • Machine washable.
    • Cover and filling made from 100% Natural Australian wool on a reversible cotton base that can be turned over in summer.
    • Fitted stretch skirt for thickest of mattresses (40cm).
    • Formaldehyde content rated within Australian Safety Standards.


    Every Underlay come with a FREE fitted SHEET that features a 40cm skirt for thickest of mattresses as well as up to 2 Magnetic Premium Wool Pillow Protectors.

    • SINGLE includes 197* Magnets (91 x 191 x 40 cm)
    • KING SINGLE inc 216* Magnets (107 x 203 x 40 cm)
    • DOUBLE includes 356* Magnets (137 x 191 x 40 cm)
    • QUEEN includes 410* Magnets (152 x 203 x 40 cm)
    • KING includes 430* Magnets (183 x 203 x 40 cm)

    * Please Note :Magnet count includes pillow protectors

    FREE GIFT** with purchase includes two luxuriously comfortable Magnetic Premium Wool Pillow Protectors with 45 magnets each PLUS a 100% cotton fitted sheet.

    (**Single & King Single models include one(1) Pillow Protector plus fitted sheet, Double, Queen and King models include two (2) Pillow Protector plus fitted sheet.)


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