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Natralia Nourish Dry Skin Lotion 250ml

Natralia Nourish Dry Skin Lotion 250ml
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Natralia Nourish Dry Skin Lotion 250ml

Formulated with the latest innovations in natural emollients, this soothing lotion is suitable for dry, sensitive, rough, itchy or flaking skin as well as skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.

Natralia Nourish Dry Skin Lotion is made from naturally derived ingredients including a Xerophyte plant extract, known for its immediate and 24 hour hydration ability. Formulated with the latest innovations in natural emollients, it is suitable for dry, sensitive, rough, itchy or flaking skin as well as skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. It is an intensive moisturising lotion, designed to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. Ideal as an everyday moisturiser for the entire family.

Skin Type:

Suitable for dry, sensitive, rough, itchy or flaking skin as well as skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.


After cleansing with Natralia Nourish Dry Skin Wash, gently massage Natralia Nourish Dry Skin Lotion into your skin. Store below 30°C.


Aqua (water), caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut), glycerine (vegetable), cetearyl alcohol (coconut), glyceryl stearate citrate (vegetable), glyceryl stearate (plant derived emulsifier), cera alba (beeswax), salvia sclarea (clary sage) extract, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, magnesium aluminum silicate (clay), xanthan gum (glucose), propanediol(corn), caprylyl glycol (coconut), 1,2-hexanediol, tropolone.


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If in eyes, rinse with clean water. If irritation occurs discontinue use. *Conducted by Derma Consult GmbH. Clinically tested to increase skin hydrationby 50% in 14 days on 20 subjects.

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    Grown without the use of Artificial Fertilisers, Chemically Synthesised Pestisides, Weedicides, Fungicides and Growth Hormones.

    Palm Oil, coconut Oil, Water Organic Safflower Oil(BFA). Biodynamic Avocado Oil(BFA), Biodynamic Macadamia Oil (BFA), Lavender Flowers, Lavender Essential Oil, Pentasodium pentatate (Salt), Almond Oil, Australian Kakadu Plum And Natural Pigment Colours.
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    Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens 255g
    Contains a blend of over 45 of the finest green foods, essential fatty acids, fibre, whole food concentrates, phytonutrients, antioxidants and digestive enzymes
    Can be used as a quick, nutritious breakfast or as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up instead of coffee or sweets. It is also ideal for athletes and people with busy active lives

    Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens
    • 50 super foods, food concentrates, and plant extracts
    • A rich blend of greens from 9 different sources: organic alfalfa, barley, rye, and oat grass powders; spirulina; chlorella; broccoli; parsley; and kale; N-3 and n-6 essential fats from organic flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds, as well as pumpkin seed, and rice and oat germ
    • Protein from seeds and greens
    • Both kinds of fibre; especially rich in water-soluble mucilage
    • Phytonutrients and antioxidants from many herbs to support the functions of inner organs: immune system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, liver, kidneys, and pancreas
    • Concentrates of the best vegetables: carrot, tomato, beet, kale, and others
    • Low carbohydrates and therefore good for weight loss and glucose stability
    • A completely vegetarian meal
    • A food free of dairy, wheat, yeast, and other common allergens
    Take one tablespoon (8 g) mixed well with water or juice, up to three times daily

    Detailed Description
    Beyond Greens is a wholefood foundation for better health. It is made from 50 organically grown whole foods, whole food concentrates and herbal extracts. It contains no fillers, binders or other non-nutrient ingredients.

    Beyond Greens gives you what your body needs, mucilage, soluble and insoluble fibre, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics in a healthy, convenient and easy to use fast-food delivery system.
    Almost every health problem will benefit from the use of green foods. Greens are a great tonic for our digestive system, making us more alkaline and protecting us from being too acidic. They are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium.

    Greens contain a large array of phytonutrients and antioxidants and are our most important foods because they provide us with all of the essential components of health. They are our foods, as well as our medicines
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    Realize that Handmade product is by definition unique and that slight variation in dimensions may occur.

    Length 200mm-220mm.
    Diameter 10mm.

    Burn Time 15 minutes

    Available in
    2 pack
    4 Pack
    10 Pack
    20 Pack
  • Herbs of Gold Vitamin C 1000mg plus Zinc and Bioflavonoids 60 Tablets

    Herbs of Gold Vitamin C 1000mg plus Zinc and Bioflavonoids 60 Tablets

    Antioxidant and immune support

    Vitamin C 1000 provides vitamin C, which may reduce the risk of developing the common cold; regular intake helps to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms.

    • Cold relief
    • Low acid formula
    • Antioxidant

    Vitamin C 1000 provides vitamin C, which may reduce the risk of developing the common cold; regular intake helps to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms. Vitamin C and zinc are involved in the healthy functioning of the immune system and assist in the maintenance of healthy skin, whilst promoting wound healing. Vitamin C also assists in the maintenance of healthy tendons, cartilage, bones and blood vessels.

    Vitamin C 1000 contains a citrus bioflavonoid extract to increase the bioavailability of vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C 1000 aids in the prevention and treatment of vitamin C and zinc deficiencies when the dietary intake is inadequate.


    Each tablet contains: Calcium ascorbate..................................................605mg
    equiv. ascorbic acid 500mg
    Sodium ascorbate...................................................562mg
    equiv. ascorbic acid 500mg
    Citrus bioflavonoids extract.....................................50mg
    Zinc (as amino acid chelate).....................................8mg


    Adults - Take 1 tablet, 3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

    Children under 12 years - Only as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

    Does not contain added egg, milk, peanut, corn, soy, tree nut or animal products, gluten, lactose or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

  • Brauer Sleep and Insomnia Relief 60 Tablets

    Brauer Sleep and Insomnia Relief 60 Tablets

    Brauer Sleep contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the relief of sleeplessness and insomnia, particularly associated with mental overactivity or anxiety.

    Helpful hints

    • Try and work out why you aren't sleeping - which sound's obvious enough but isn't always easy. If you can remove the cause or find new ways to deal with the cause, you'll be well on the way to sleeping better.
    • Getting some regular physical activity is one of the keys to managing stress and sleeping better. Mid afternoon or early evening is the best time to exercise when you have sleep problems.
    • Create a bed time routine that gently prepares you for bed each night. Spend the last half to one hour of your evening winding down your body and mind. Listen to soothing music, read something light, have a warm milk drink and a light snack (like a piece of toast).
    • Cut down on stimulants like tea, coffee, alcohol and certain medicines after about 4 PM. Avoid large, rich or salty meals late at night.
    • Learn new relaxation techniques that work for you.

    Adults: 2 tablets. Children 6 to 12 years: 1 tablet. Dissolve under the tongue half an hour before bed and then immediately before going to bed. Use 1 dose every half hour for up to 4 doses if you wake and wish to go back to sleep. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

    Additional Advice
    All stimulating activities such as television or eating etc should be avoided for a minimum of 1 hour prior to retiring, and a regular sleeping routine should be adhered to. Failure of this condition to respond to treatment should prompt investigations to determine underlying aetiological factors such as depression or other emotional disturbances.

    Active Ingredients - Oral Liquid
    Each glucose tablet is medicated with 278 mcg of each of: Capsicum (Cayenne pepper) 14C, Chamomilla (German chamomile) 3C, Coffea (Coffee) 4C, Coffea (Coffee) 30C, Gelsemium (Yellow jasmine) 4C, Humulus (Hops) 3C, Hyoscyamus (Henbane) 6C, Passiflora (Passion flower) 3C, Valeriana (Valerian root) 3C.

    Homeopathic ingredients traditionally used for the above indications.

  • Power Super Foods Goldenberrys Berry Power 225g

    Power Super Foods Goldenberrys Berry Power 225g

    Incan Goldenberries Superfruit of the Andes

    The Incan Goldenberry (Physalis peruviana) is native to South America but more commonly known as the Cape Gooseberry.

    Nutritional Benefits
    Loads of beneficial nutrients make Goldenberrys the ideal super-satisfying, on-the-go snack. An excellent source of anti-oxidant Vitamins C, A(carotene), and P(bioflavonoids), they also contain B1, B2, B6, calcium, phosphorous, fibre, cleansing pectin, AND unusually for a fruit, protein!

    Suggested Uses
    With the more-ish tangy taste, you'll love eating Goldenberrys straight out of the bag, or add to trail mix, yoghurt, muesli, lunch boxes, fruit cakes, muffin or cookie batter, make jam or pair with chocolate – YUM !

    GOOSEBERRIES DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE Melt any good organic sweetened dark chocolate, then dip individual gooseberries in chocolate (either half or whole). Lay on a baking sheet with waxed paper (or even a very lightly oiled plate) and refrigerate 20 mins – mmmmmm !

  • Nemidon Gels All Black ’n Blue 120g

    Nemidon Gels All Black ’n Blue 120g

    A unique, natural, patented marine gel blended with nature’s finest botanicals. All Black ‘n Blue is TGA approved to provide temporary relief from muscular inflammation aches and pains. The natural plant extracts penetrate deeply to provide a cool and soothing sensation and may assist in the management of soft tissue trauma, management of sprains and temporary relief of the pain of arthritis.

    Features and advantages:

    • Fast acting, reduces bruising and swelling from impact injuries.
    • Non-greasy, does not stain clothing.
    • Adhesive strapping can be applied immediately after use.
    • Ideal to use with frictional massage techniques and post manipulation.
    • Compatible with Ultra Sound equipment
    • Ideal to use in conjunction with RICE.
    • (Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation) treatment.
    • Does not contain petrochemicals or alcohol.
    • Not tested on animals.

    Ideal for your active lifestyle
    Use immediately after strenuous exercise to revitalise and help relieve stiffness in muscles and joints. Use before sports – Apply before a gym workout, surfing, golfing, cycling, walking; whatever your activity All Black ‘n Blue can help ease aching muscles making your exercise more enjoyable.

    All Black 'n Blue contains:
    Deionized Water, Seaweed Colloids, St Johns Wort Oil, Arnica Oil, Witch Hazel, Menthol, Clove oil, Junton, Bronopol, Triethanolamine, Sobitane Mon Laurate.


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