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Raw Addiction

Raw Addiction
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Raw Addiction

By Katrina Ellis

A living foods diet is the best way to detox, shed some excess kilos and feel radiant. Stories of increased energy, younger looking skin, decreased allergies, better digestion and the reversal of chronic diseases are endless when people begin switching to a raw diet.

Many people are turned off by the thought of eating raw because of the difficulty, expense and time of preparing raw foods. ‘Raw Addiction’ helps to overcome these road blocks by incorporating over one hundred and fifty of the yummiest, healthiest and most addictive recipes ever created. Katrina shows in ‘Raw Addiction’ that raw foods can be simple, inexpensive, delicious and absolutely powerful in their healing impact.

With over twenty years of international experience working as an acclaimed naturopath, iridologist, author, raw chef and cancer survivor, Katrina has created a must have ‘living resource’ to help mums and dads, children and everyone experience amazing health and happiness. This book promotes a natural way of eating.

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    Sodium Bicarbonate
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    In with the good: hand-harvested acai and goji berry, exotic super-antioxidants, nourish and rejuvenate, infusing skin with vitamins and minerals, re-establishing skin to its smoothest state, You'll be soft to the touch, gently fragranced by essential oils of luscious fig and clean green tea. Pure and natural.


    Step 1: Pour D:tox System™ purifying body wash into hands, onto a body sponge or loofah, and app;y to skin, creating a rich lather. Rinse. Follow with Step 2 and Step 3 of the D:tox System™ to complete your skin purification regimen.

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    Hair is just as vulnerable to drying chemicals as skin is and this is why we formulated Natural Secrets Goats Milk Hair Care for all hair types. Containing a rich blend of Goat’s Milk and naturally derived proteins blended in an advanced, silicone free formula that’s safe for colour-treated hair. Our conditioner leaves your hair softer and less prone to breakage.

    Natural Secrets Goats Milk Conditioner:
    - Contains no SLS, Petro-chemicals, Lanolin and Parabens
    - Silicone free
    - Is Safe for use on coloured or permed hair
    - Is Ideal for the whole family
    - Is pH Balanced
    - Suitable for dry, itchy or sensitive skin
    Use daily in conjunction with Natural Secrets Goats Milk Shampoo for soft, clean & vibrant hair.

  • Natures Sunshine Raspberry Leaf 90 Capsules

    Natures Sunshine Raspberry Leaf 90 Capsules

    Raspberry leaf has traditionally been used in pregnancy as a partus praeparator, which is taken daily during the third trimester to help strengthen and tone the uterus in preparation for childbirth and facilitate labour. Research suggests that Raspberry leaf contains an active principle which is known as ‘fragarine’ which is considered to help by relaxing the uterine muscle as well as helping to initiate and coordinate contractions.

    Therapeutic Use

    • Traditionally used during the third trimester of pregnancy to help prepare the uterus for labour and assist with the process of childbirth.
    • Traditionally used as a uterine tonic herb.

    Active Ingredients

    Each capsule contains:
    Herbal extract equivalent to dry:
    Rubus idaeus (European Raspberry) leaf 1500mg


    Take 1 to 2 capsules a day with food during the third trimester of pregnancy or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


    Not to be taken in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is important to inform your healthcare practitioner of all medications you are taking during pregnancy.

  • Good Morning Cereals Organic Amaranth Puffs Cereal 200g

    Good Morning Cereals Organic Amaranth Puffs Cereal 200g

    Good Morning is a light breakfast cereal which can also be added to other dishes to add lightness.

    Amaranth is traditionally grown in South America. It is a very small grain and has become very popular over the past few years. We are unaware of any amaranth that is commercially grown in Australia, and our grain is imported.

    Hulled organic amaranth.

  • All Natural Kids Throat 10's

    All Natural Kids Throat 10's

    An all natural homeopathic lozenge which provides temporary relief from sore throats, inflamed gums and ear ache.

    An all natural homeopathic Pine flavoured lozenge which provides temporary relief from:

    • Sore throats
    • Inflamed Gums
    • Ear Ache

    How to use
    Suck one Kids throat lozenge at the first sign of throat pain or discomfort. There is no need to finish the whole lozenge as the therapeutic benefit of the medicine will be gained in the first few licks or sucks.
    The recommended dose is 3 lozenges per day.
    Not to be used by children under 2 years of age without medical advice or supervision.

    The ingredients are traditionally used to relieve the following symptoms:

    Aconite 30C - for the sudden onset of pain
    Belladonna 30C - for sore throats which are bright red and have a raw feeling
    Chamomilla 30C - relieves acute pain and discomfort associated with inflamed, sore throats, gums and ears
    Phytolacca 30C - for dark red sore throats with shooting pains to the ears.

    Non-active ingredients inlcude: isomalt, natural pine-lime flavour, natural colour (tumeric)
    Free from wheat, gluten, egg, dairy and nut. No artificial colours or flavours.

    Size: 10 lozenges

    "All of the following claims are based only on evidence of traditional use in homeopathy. Use only as directed and if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional."

    If symptoms persist or worsen suddenly, consult your heatlh-care specialist. Keep this and all other medicine out of reach of children.


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