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Fish Oil for a Healthy Heart

Fish Oil for a Healthy Heart

Fish Oil

After several research and studies in different institutions and research facilities, fat oils were discovered to be a solution to heart disease and conditions. The study was initiated when it was discovered that a certain group of people who live in Japan and Greenland Inuit feed on high fat diet and are rarely diagnosed with heart diseases.

Fish oil and its supplements has since been taken has a source of vitamin D and also evident to provide us with lot of health benefits such as lowering the heart disease risks, reduce stroke in most of people  not to mention its ability improve the cholesterol level. Fish oil has been known by many names such as Oméga-3, Tuna Fish Oil, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Marine Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Salmon Oil, W-3 Fatty Acids the list is long.

But what’s really fish oil?

Fish oil compounds can be obtained from eating fish or feeding on its supplements which are commonly extracted from whale bladder, seal bladder, tuna, cod liver and herrings. Fish oil is rich in health benefits since it contains vitamins and Omega 3-fattyy acid which has been proven to provide promising results to lower depression levels in many people and to reduce the risks of cancer.

It’s evident that fish oil can protect the heart attack victim from a second one if only they take fat oils as dosage from the hour of the first attack. It can also help to relieve migraine headaches to certain people. There is enough information to back the effectiveness of fish oil to human health, its ability to cure human ailments and more.

Fat oil is safe for almost every person to use and its results have proven to be effective in;

  • Lowering high blood pressure.
  • Reducing the risks of heart failure.
  • It’s effective for child disorders like Attention deficit-hyperactivity (ADHD).
  • It prevents eye diseases especially to aged people and improves night vision to children with dyslexia disorder.
  • When taken with evening prime rose oil, and vitamin E, it improves movement disorders in kids.
  • Reduce cholesterol level in the human body.
  • It reduces weight loss among cancer victims.

However, fish oils are not prescribed to people who have certain disorder like:

  1. People suffering from liver disease.
  2. People allergic to fish, sea food and fish supplements.


Fish oil is 100% natural extracted from sea fish and has never been found to contain any significant risk to human being.

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