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How You Can Start Your Own Organic Food Garden

How You Can Start Your Own Organic Food Garden

Using pesticides and herbicides in our farming and planting is slowly destroying the Earth. These chemicals kill plant and animal life, and they are the result of impatient and greedy people. When people desire plants that grow fast and in hospitable areas, then many chemicals are required to achieve those results.

You should really try to avoid growing plants that aren’t suited to your climate. If you would like to grow plants on your own that will grow organically and without the need for a lot of chemicals, then you may be able to use this advice.

Gardening in Your Apartment
You may not have a yard or actual garden space in which to grow your plants, but that should not keep you from having at least some kind of garden, no matter how small. You can simply use containers to grow your plants inside your apartment or other small structure. The containers should be larger than the plants actually require to give them plenty of room to develop. You can use peat moss and perlite in order to grow your plants without soil. If you really are tight on space, consider not growing any flowers and just using all your place for growing food.

Organic Veggies
If you want to grow some food fast, you can do that by picking the right kinds of plants. Sunflowers, peas sand beet greens can all be grown in about 20 days. You do need to keep them in direct sunlight though. Keep the soil a bit cooler by keeping it hydrated. This will speed up the growing process. You may start seeing sprouts in the first week. If you have a bit more time, you can try sugar Ann snap peas and contender bush beans. Sprouting broccoli takes a little longer, but they can all be fully grown and ready to eat in a month or two.

Eat at Your Convenience
You should try to grow food that doesn’t need any extra prep time. These are foods that you just harvest, clean and eat. Lettuce is a great example of this, as you don’t need to cook it or prepare it specially. You can simply eat it as is. Glacier tomatoes are much easier to grow than most tomatoes, and you can even grow them in colder climes. You just need to wait until they are big and juicy, then you can enjoy them the same way you would an apple or pear. Growing them organically causes them to be really sweet.

When you grow food on your own, you know that you are getting healthy food and you know exactly what is going into it. Try not to rush the plant growth or become impatient. Just aim for foods you can grow quickly and make use of right away. Then you won’t feel so compelled to use any chemicals.

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