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Rosehip Oil to help Repair Damaged and Broken Skin

Rosehip Oil to help Repair Damaged and Broken Skin

Rosehip Oil is mainly extracted from the hip of a rose bush. The hip is that part which is usually left after the rose blooms and the petals wither. Rosehip tree is a wild rose bush common in southern Andes. However, it can also be extracted from Rosa canina which is found in almost all parts of the world. It is a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Importance of Rosehip oil

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it requires some essential amino fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins for its nourishment. Skin has many tiny poles on the surface that can absorb any substance applied on it. Rosehip oil has pro-vitamin A (beta-Carotene), contains some small levels of retinol or vitamin A which is sorely produced by animals with aid of provitamin A.

The fruits contain vitamin C but the oil does not have any because it is a water soluble vitamin. Also, Rosehip Oil was found to be rich in essential fatty acid, linoleic acid/omega-3, oleic acid and linoleic acid/omega-6.

The essential fatty acids are important in protecting and maintaining cell membranes. The linolenic acid is responsible for maintaining the structure of cell membrane and moistures the skin to avoid dry conditions. Linoleic acids are fatty acids that enable the cells to offer a natural barrier to all environmental damage.

The oleic acid caters for skin growth and repair of any broken or damaged skin tissue. Vitamin A and Beta-carotene still found in Rosehip oil is the main source of pro-vitamin, both of which maintain the skin young and attractive by eliminating wrinkles. It offers protection against sun damage, which could cause premature aging.

Rosehip Oil has been used in the manufacture of some skin care products like soaps, perfumes and lotions. This helps to work against skin conditions like eczema, acne and dermatitis for sun burnt skin, brittle wrinkles and nails. It has been used also to heal scarring and in diminishing photo-aging.

The oil was found to soothe skin conditions while assisting in skin repair and renewal to ensure a healthy and attractive skin. The oil is rapidly absorbed into the skin letting the skin to breathe as usual with no residuals.

No one wants to appear old that soon. The continuous use of rosehip oil soothes your skin making it softer, all scars, bruises, and wrinkles disappear, restoring the skin’s natural glory. It can be used by any person with any type of skin and of any age.

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