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What Cooking Oils When Heated Do Not Turn Carcinogenic

What Cooking Oils When Heated Do Not Turn Carcinogenic

There are many people out there that have a passion for cooking but may not even know what some of the oils are doing to their body. There are certain oils that some people have considered to be carcinogenic when heated.

Fortunately, there are also some cooking oils that are not carcinogenic when heated. Olive oil is actually a great oil that finds itself on the top of many different chef’s lists. While cooking, however, the formula in olive oil actually breaks down while cooking where a lot of the carcinogenic compounds vaporize in the air and can contribute to particular types of cancer when inhaled. This is something to think about when cooking with this oil, even though consuming it itself is not bad. There are plenty of ways to keep it from being too harmful to you, which is something to think about regardless of the type of oils, you can simply cook with fats that are stable at high heat.

It is not just about olive oils either but oils in general that are unsaturated as a whole. All of these oils, when heated at a high heat, can cause carcinogenic properties. This was tested on rats and was find to be solid evidence. This is normally only seen when deep frying but still something to consider while cooking. This is why many people will tell you not to use the same oil more than once and to dispose of it when done. Also, do not ever heat oil to the point where the smoke point is reached and it is consuming the house. All this does is create more problems for you and all involved.

There are plenty of different oils to consider when cooking, such as soybean, safflower, rice bran, mustard, and corn oil. Each of these oils has its own smoking point and level of heat it should reach before it starts causing carcinogenic properties, but definitely nothing like what olive oil can do. There are even more oils that are catered towards more medium heats that are less likely to cause these cariogenic properties such as almond, cottonseed, grape seed, and peanut oil, but can each still cause concern if left on too long or raised to too high of a temperature. Keep these things in mind while cooking and you will certainly be better off for it.

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