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Why an Organic Diet Is Better for You

Why an Organic Diet Is Better for You

As you grow older, you will likely begin to better understand how the foods you eat affect you. It may not have mattered as much when you were younger, but the longer you live, the more you see the effects of what you are eating.

You might have looked into an organic diet and balked at the cost. Food labelled organic does tend to cost more. Yet, you don’t have to go way over budget and spend excessive amounts of money to eat healthy and enjoy an organic diet. There are ways to find organic food and get the benefits of such a diet without paying a lot of money.

If you really want to know why you should go through the effort though, then just look below for our list of health benefits from eating organic.

Why Organic?

The main reason to switch to an organic diet is because it is much healthier for you than traditionally grown foods. By eating organic, you can expel from your diet a large number of harmful chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. These are chemicals that can cause a number of different health problems for you, and eating them consistently could mean that you need medical treatment at a later point in your life.

That’s not all though. Here is a list of reasons why making the switch to organic is a good choice.

1. A lot of the foods that are put onto store shelves are not properly and thoroughly tested by monitoring agencies. Sometimes, there is no testing done at all, which can put consumers at serous risk.

2. Many organic foods contain more nutrients or greater concentrations of nutrients than traditionally grown foods. Study after study has shown this to be the case, as herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals destroy precious nutrients and keep food from providing its fullest benefits.

3. Organic foods are by definition free from all chemicals that are classified as neurotoxins. These are chemicals that may be able to cause damage to your brain and nervous system.

4. Any food that is made using toxic chemicals has a potentially dangerous effect on the surrounding environment. If you want to reduce that impact, then you should be eating organic food. Avoid traditionally grown foods to help protect the environment.

5. On organic farms, workers are safer and have fewer health hazards to deal with. If you would not be able to support such work methods as child labour or diamonds that are marked as blood diamonds, then you should have an objection to buying food that was grown under dangerous working conditions.

6. Most food testers agree that organically grown foods just taste better than foods that are not naturally produced. The chemicals can dilute the flavour and create an unwelcome taste.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to start eating organic food. The first place you can start with this diet change is in your own refrigerator and cupboards. Then make it a priority to shop organic, going to markets and stores the sell these foods at reasonable prices. You can change your health and your life by simply switching to organic.

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