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Why You Should Be Drinking Organic Green Tea

Why You Should Be Drinking Organic Green Tea

Repeated studies have shown that drinking organic green tea holds some unique benefits. These benefits make it one of beverages of choice of tea enthusiasts. This wonderful tea not only gives you a boost of energy, but it is great for preventing many diseases.
More and more people are incorporating organic green tea into their regular routines, ensuring they are making use of the many benefits it can offer. Some of its greatest benefits come from epigallocatechin-3 gallate, which is an antioxidant. This component helps to prevent rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac problems, cancer, elevated cholesterol, tooth decay and many types of infections.

Do you need more convincing that organic green tea is a great choice? We have a list of reasons why you should be using it every day.

Lessens the Effects of Aging
Green tea is packed with ECGC and polyphenols, which serve to dampen the effects of aging. It slows down and neutralizes oxidants that can damage the skin form underneath. This often results in a healthy glow. Beyond that, green tea helps to slow down wrinkle development and ensures that you live longer.

Has Astringent Properties
When you consume astringents, your muscles will contract, which causes them to tone up and make your skin appear more beautiful. Astringents like organic green tea can also promote dental health. Some mouthwashes made from green tea keep the gums tight and firm, holding teeth in and making sure they don’t become loose over time. You can also improve the health and strength of your tresses by washing them with green tea.

Provides an Immunity Boost
Green tea contains flavonoids and polyphenols which boost your immune system and stave off infections, keeping your body healthy and strong.

Protects against Cardiac Disease
Many foods you eat can block up your arteries, but green tea may helps prevent that blockage. This leads to better cardiovascular health and ensures you are less likely to experience any cardiac disease. It even promotes the production of healthy cholesterol, which is also good for your heart.

Protects Your Brain
You can also keep your brain cells from deteriorating as quickly with green tea. In fact, it may restore many of your cells that are already damaged, which reduces your risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Decreases Blood Pressure
The hormone angiotensin can raise your blood pressure levels. When you drink green tea, that hormone may become suppressed, keeping your blood pressure at healthy levels.

Safeguards against Some Forms of Cancer
Your ovarian cells may be protected against the growth of cancer as you drink green tea. Once again, it is the antioxidant EGCG that is at work here. It also may help fight against colorectal cancer, as your body has fewer toxins inside to create an ideal environment for cancer to grow.

Cuts back on Asthma Symptoms
The theophylline in organic green tea is able to relax the muscles of the bronchial system. This may greatly reduce how severe asthma symptoms are.

Stops Breast Cancer
Green tea also may help breast cancer cell growth, preventing this dangerous condition before it can begin.

Helps with Diabetes
Green tea may be able to lower your blood glucose levels. That is only when it is consumed without any sugar, where it is able to act as an alkaline substance. The antioxidants it contains may also promote pancreas health, and that can mean better insulin production. Your body will also be better able to absorb and break down sugar, resulting in greatly reduced diabetes risk.

Assists in Weight Loss
The metabolic system is tasked with getting rid of calories within our bodies. That means it is your primary method of managing your weight. If you drink green tea, you may be able to boost your metabolic rate and get rid of fat faster. Green tea has already proven successful at weight loss in many countries where obesity is a major problem. Just drinking some each day can help you keep your weight under control.

Protects Your Teeth
Catechin is an antioxidant that is found in green tea. According to some studies, this antioxidant gets rid of harmful bacteria in the mouth and fights against several kinds of viruses which can cause infections in the throat.

Boosts Stamina
Green tea is also great for providing better stamina. You will have more endurance if you make green tea a regular part of your diet. A lot of fitness experts use green tea after their workouts instead of the more traditional energy drinks. The tea can stimulate your body and make you feel energized even after your work out. It also helps with muscle recovery after a tough workout session.

Gets Rid of Toxins
Green tea may also help expel toxins from your body, which some have suggested is great for dealing with hangovers and tiredness. Combining green tea with honey and lemon each morning is also a great way to provide some extra energy that can keep you going all through the day.


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