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Your personal hygiene is guaranteed with Instant Wipes and Natural Sanitizing Foam

Hygiene is an important aspect of our life. Lack of hygiene has a direct impact on our health. Spread of diseases like bird flu or respiratory problems are linked to lack of hygiene. It is essential that we practice good hygiene and teach the same to our children. Practicing personal hygiene is not difficult if we follow simple rules. After Touch Instant wipes and natural sanitizing foam are available in the markets that make our task easier.

We are always on the go nowadays. Washing hands with water is not always possible when we are outside. After Touch Instant Wipes may help us to practice self-hygiene and stay away from germs and infections. These wipes are available in the form of compressed dry tablets that expand into a wipe when water or any antibacterial liquid is added to it.

Ensure personal hygiene with Instant Wipes

The After Touch Instant Wipes are very convenient to carry. They are available in tubes or refill packs that can be easily kept in handbags, school bags or at office.
These wipes are biodegradable and made from renewable resources. They are made from 100% cotton without any chemicals or perfumes. They can be used as baby wipes, facial wipes and even toilet wipes.

Carry a pack of Instant Wipes and you will never have to worry about personal hygiene. Get protection from germs by using After Touch Natural Sanitizing Foam Harmful bacteria are present everywhere. You are exposed to the risk of being infected by them at your home, office, public places like restaurants, airports and health care facilities. After Touch Natural Sanitizing Foam ensures that you are protected from these bacteria, everyday, round the clock.

The benefits of using Natural Sanitizing Foam

The After Touch Natural Sanitizing Foam is a highly effective product in providing protection from dangerous germs and bacteria. The product has been made from unique natural components like willow bark, citrus pulp and olive leaf. No chemicals like alcohol, Parabens, petrochemicals or artificial colors are added to it. The Sanitizing Foam is dermatologically tested and is safe for everyone. People with sensitive skin can also use it. The product is found to kill 99.999% of germs. It is even found to be effective against E.coli and Salmonella.

The foam is non-inflammable and can be used in aircrafts also.
Practicing good personal hygiene ensures good health. Use After Touch Instant Wipes and Natural Sanitizing Foam and find your way to good hygiene.

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