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Aloe Powerful and Flavorful Toothpastes for a Healthy Mouth

A one of its kind oral care brand that offers high-quality products powered by natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and silica is Aloe Dent. Oral health is as important as the health of the rest of the body. However, maintaining a clean and happy set of teeth and gums can take some extra attention and effort. While there are loads of oral care brands making mouthwash, toothpaste, mouth-spray and dental floss available in the market, only a few provide the desired results. The long list of chemical ingredients on most products does more damage than good. Aloe Vera, a natural plant which is best known for its soothing properties, lies at the heart of all Aloe Dent products- the exclusive range which is carefully crafted for holistic oral health.

Aloe Vera Natural, Safe and Effective

While tea tree oil keeps off dangerous bacteria, silica prevents cavities and helps in keeping the teeth squeaky clean. All Aloe Dent products, right from toothpaste to mouthwash, are SLS and alcohol free. Brand’s focus on natural ingredients brings out the most amazing results. Great care is taken to ensure that every product delivers the most desirable efficiency and helps in achieving optimal levels of oral health. After all, a healthy mouth is a happy mouth. This brand boasts of a comprehensive range of toothpastes, in Fluoride and Fluoride-free categories, which cater to all kinds of needs. Toothpaste is considered the most essential oral care product. There’s Aloe Dent whitening toothpaste for teeth that look stale yellow and a triple-action toothpaste that provides greater protection against cavities. Toothpastes for adults come with natural menthol and peppermint flavors, thus making the mouth feel minty fresh after every use. Toothpaste for children contains strawberry flavor that feels absolutely delicious and will make the children want to brush their teeth more often than usual.

Aloe Oral Care Range- You Better Have It All!

Apart from toothpastes, Aloe Dent also offers Fresh Breath mouth-spray. Just one little spray can restore freshness in the mouth and make it feel rejuvenated. It can be easily kept in one’s purse or pocket and used at any point of time, whenever the mouth craves for a dose of freshness. Aloe Dent’s mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol and effectively removes germs and bacteria from the smallest corners of the mouth and teeth. Unlike most mouthwashes, it doesn’t produce a burning sensation and delivers long-lasting protection. The 30 metre dental floss is a must-have for everyone’s oral care regime. Together, these products deliver the most powerful and effective oral care.

Aloe Dent

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