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Alp Water Filtration

Why Should We Drink Filtered Water?

When we travel, we are not sure if we can get clean water to drink or not. With the help of these ALPS water filters, the water is purified and the contaminants are removed so that your drinking water is clean and pure. For that matter, even when you are at your home, how do you guarantee that the water coming from the tap is clean? And, we all know that there are many water borne diseases which spread due to the contaminated water. For that purpose, we either carry bottles of filtered water with us or go for the ALPS Water Filtration bottled water.

Rid your Water of Contaminates

The bottled water is quite expensive and we cannot always rely on them for our drinking needs. Also, we cannot depend upon the direct tap water too as it might contain germs or other kinds of contaminations. For that reason, we try to treat the water with filtration. There are many water filters in the market but ALPS filtration is one of the leading manufacturers of water filters.

With a little investment on the ALPS water filtration, you would be able to assure clean water for yourself and your family and can lead a healthy life, which is free of diseases. Also, the investment on this type of filtration might be far lesser than the cost of bottled water.

How is the Filtered Water Different from the Tap Water?

If your tap water has a chlorinated taste, you can make use of filtering which will remove the germs, bacteria and even pesticides and other metal from the water. The various types of water filtration methods include:

  • Activated Carbon: This will attract the particles in the water and absorb them.
  • Aeration: These can be installed at the entry points and it will force the water that is entering homes to pass through the air jets.
  • Cation Exchange: This will filter the water and make it soft. It makes use of the particles that are positively charged to attract the particles that are negatively charged.
  • Distillation: Another process for getting filtered water is by distillation where the water is boiled and the heavy metals and other pathogens are removed. This process will boil the water and condense it back and will kill the bacteria and other contaminants in this process.
  • Reverse Osmosis: This is one of the most expensive and effective methods for getting clean water. This makes use of pressure for forcing the water through the membranes that are semi-permeable and removes all sorts of contaminants.

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ALPS Water Filtration

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