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Great Tasting Organic Ambrosia Honey

When a French gentleman named Arthur French introduced his bee hives on his farm in 1919, the first Ambrosia Honey was then introduced. Through the years this Honey has gained natural health organics recognition.

This type of honey has no additives or preservatives so it is an all natural food. When a food does not have any additives or preservatives it will retain its natural taste and will have a lot of nutritional value. Ambrosia Honey does not have any sugar added to it, and it is cold extracted from the bee hives. When you purchase our honey it will be like your eating the honey straight from the bee hive its self.

High Nutrition and Good for your Health

Not only is this type of honey having a lot of nutritional value, but it also has a lot of benefits for the people who eat it. It has been said if you eat honey your immune system will get stronger and you will have less allergies to things that grow and live outside.

As stated earlier the Ambrosia honey is cold extracted meaning there has been no heated added to the honey at all. If there has been heat added to the process of making honey, the nutritional value will be less and the honey will not be as good for you in the long run.

If you are looking for a natural health organic remedy to the things that ail you then you will want to purchase all natural honey such as Ambrosia honey. You can add honey to nearly any drink or food to make sure you get your daily dose every day. Adding honey to the food and drinks you consume will add flavor to them and it might even make you like the food or drink a lot better.

Improve Your Health and Immune System

Depending on where the bees pollinate at, will depend on the darkness of the Ambrosia honey. Every flower is different and will cause a different reaction in the honey once the bees start producing the honey.

Regardless if you like the dark honey or light honey, you will want to try the natural Ambrosia honey. It will have no preservatives or additives in it and you will get the full benefit of the honey’s goodness. After starting a regime of eating honey, you will begin to see a difference in your health and you will begin to feel better because you will be getting all of the benefits the honey has to offer you.

Natural Health Organics stock all Ambrosia Honey products, so enjoy and get the great health benefits.

Ambrosia Honey

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