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Rich source of concentrated Minerals - Amenas Sea Minerals

Everyone needs vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, not only to survive, but to look and feel your best. However, with the way farming and food production has evolved, it is increasingly difficult to get adequate nutrition through eating a balanced diet alone. With processing and mass factory farming, most foods are less nutrient rich than they were in days passed, which means that it is difficult to get the variety of minerals and nutrients that you need for ideal health. Some may try to supplement their diet with vitamins, but it is more difficult for the body to absorb multivitamins and nutritional supplements taken in pill form. In fact, when you take multivitamins and supplements, most of the vitamins and minerals in those are not able to be absorbed and simply pass through your body, making vitamins a minimally effective way to get the nutrients and minerals you need.

Amenas Sea Minerals Derived from natural Australian Ocean Waters

However, sea minerals are an easily absorbed alternative to vitamins that prove much more effective and healthy. The sea has long been a great source of nourishment, and sea minerals contain bio-available macro and trace elements high in magnesium and containing 1500 mg of minerals, naturally balanced for ideal health, in every teaspoon.

Amenas Sea minerals are refined and concentrated through a process of evaporation, removing the water and concentrating the minerals and trace elements contained within so that each teaspoon packs a punch with highly concentrated quantities of minerals and trace elements that are difficult to obtain through a regular diet. Because of the process of evaporation to refine and concentrate the minerals and trace elements, the minerals become ionized, or bonded to water, which provides for much easier absorption than regular multi-vitamins or supplements in pill forms. The ionized nature of the sea minerals and trace elements allows the concentrated nutrients to rapidly be absorbed into the small intestine, providing the most valuable nutritional impact.

Balance your Diet with Amenas Sea Minerals

Most people, while aware that eating a balanced diet and getting adequate nutrients can help their overall health, are not aware of the true value of sea minerals and trace elements. However, these nutrients help ward off disease, build immunity, and help the body function at its absolute best. Getting an adequate supply of minerals can help reduce the risk of disease, and can help balance the endocrine system, with a variety of health benefits ranging from easing symptoms of menopause to higher energy levels. Getting enough Amenas Sea minerals in the body is even linked to better health and fewer common illnesses. Sea minerals and trace elements are truly a vital part of your health.

Amenas Sea Minerals

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