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Ancient Harvest hearty blend of Quinoa, Beans or Lentils.

No matter how you look at it, pasta makes life better. Spaghetti dinners are a simple pleasure and an easy way to provide food to a large number of guests for a low cost. Ancient Harvest Pasta dinners can be elegant, too? What newlywed has not shown off his or her cooking prowess with a candlelight dinner of penne with shrimp or penne with pesto, or any of endless varieties of pasta dishes? Then along came the bad news about empty carbs to rain on our parade. In the 60s, Sophia Loren attributed her gorgeous figure to spaghetti. In the 80s, everyone thought that pasta was healthy because it is low in fat, but now it has gotten a reputation as a processed junk food, little better than doughnuts.

Ancient Harvest supergrain pastas are 100 percent gluten free

Ancient Harvest is proud to present our new line of supergrain pastas. They have all the great taste and versatility of the white flour pastas of your childhood and your first cooking experiences and all the health benefits of ancient grains. These days, more and more nutritionists recommend a gluten-free diet, and our supergrain pastas are 100 percent gluten free. Ancient Harvest offer supergrain pastas in a variety of shapes, including spaghetti, penne, rotelle, linguini, elbows, shells, and pagodas. Quinoa is the main ingredient in our gluten free supergrain pastas, but some of the newest addition to the Ancient Harvest line of products also has other wholesome legumes. Try our black bean and quinoa elbows, red lentil and quinoa rotelle, or green lentil and quinoa penne. You can make any of your favorite pasta dishes with our supergrain pastas, but they are so flavorful that they also taste great if you eat them plain.

Ancient Harvest Quinoa good source of plant-based Protein

Quinoa was first cultivated in the Andes Mountains in South America almost 4,000 years ago. The Spanish conquistadors introduced wheat to the Andes region and even forbade the cultivation of quinoa. In the last few years, the western world has come to appreciate the health benefits of quinoa. It has a lower glycemic index than wheat or rice, meaning that eating it does not lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar the way that eating sugar or products made with wheat flour does. Ancient Harvest supergrain pastas can be part of a healthful gluten free diet or low glycemic index diet. Try all of our varieties of gluten free pasta made from ancient, delicious, healthful organic quinoa.

Ancient Harvest

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