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Herbal and Fruity Extracts of Essential Oils

There are many different organic, natural products out there that you can use to better help the environment and your body as a whole. Even common household products such as deodorants and soaps can come in an organic form, and it may serve you better than anything made in a factory by man. One of these companies that make these products is Australian Biologika and they can help you by providing quality products and giving you natural ingredients.

These Australian Biologika products can improve your health while also reducing your toxic footprint on planet Earth. Their deodorants, for instance, are 95% ACO certified organic and even aluminum free.

Made from Natural Sustainable Plantations

Australian Biologika are a great blend of many different certified organic herbs, pure essential oils, and are crafted by Australian flowers such as bush flowers and bush fruit extracts that can work on the bacteria as body odor occurs. Body odor is caused by bacteria and this natural deodorant can help destroy this as soon as it occurs. Not many other deodorants boasts this power but because this comes straight from Earth-made ingredients, you can be sure of its quality and potential. Australian Biologika deodorant is made from herbal blend, bicarb soda, grapefruit extract, lime, natural gum, organic jojoba oil, palm Kernal Alcohol, ylang ylang, essential oil, bio-dynamic avocado oil, and Australia bush extract of wild kakadu plum. If you are not in the market for deodorants, than maybe soaps might be what you need.

Their lavender soaps are some of the best soaps that you can buy on the market. It is a relaxing aroma of lavender that has oils blended with Biodynamic avocado body oil, lavender flowers, and Australia bush fruit extract of kakadu plum.

Skin Creams with Rich Silky Feel

The Australian Biologika oils that make this soap are all completely organic and known to work in even the harshest of conditions. The soaps are made with flowers grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemically synthesized pesticides, weedicides, fungicides, and growth hormones. The soaps are made with palm oil, coconut oil, water organic safflower oil, biodynamic avocado oil, biodynamic macadamia oil, lavender flowers, lavender essential oil, pentasodium pentatate, almond oil, Australian kakadu plum, and natural pigment colors.

All of this combines to not only make a great smelling Australian Biologika soap but one that works. Keep all of this in mind when you want to help the environment while at the same time helping out your body. There is nothing better than treating your body to what the Earth itself has to offer.

Australian Biologika

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