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Relieve Pain with Bio Magnetic Underlays

Magnetic sleep systems from The Natural BioMagnetic range is Australia's number one choice for top quality magnetic underlays in deluxe wool or pure cotton.

Biomagnetism is a special phenomenon whereby human beings or other living organisms produce magnetic fields around themselves. It has been used in treatment by using a special device to apply a low voltage or electromagnetic field to the skin or the affected area of the body.

Due to our routine chores, accidents or other disorders we may be faced with daily pains and aches which may sometimes became resistant to normal painkillers. We mostly sleep to relax but at some times we sleep only to wake up more tired or even, it may became impossible to get a single comfortable nap due to sleeping disorders. For this very reason, we came up with Biomagnetic Underlays which can counter all this situations.

Sleep Better with Magnetic Underlays

However, when buying Biomagnetic Underlays, you ought to take maximum care and research in order to buy the right brand and quality to best cater for your needs. In the current market, there are many brands each with its own merits and demerits, this calls for reasonable information before making any decision in buying any underlay.

Good biomagnetic underlays should bring with it the luxurious thick quitting comfort. They usually have magnet therapy effect to relieve all pain experienced. Normally, magnets are fitted in strategic positions all over the underlay from top to bottom.

The main objective of these underlays is to offer assistance in your health, vitality and wellbeing. Also, they usually have thick wool that keeps you warm and comfortable whether in winter or cool summers.

Features of our Biomagnetic Underlays

Our underlays are affordable and offer the best therapeutic value assisting all individuals suffering from sleeping disorders, muscular and joint pain and aches, enhancing vitality, rejuvenation and wellbeing in general. This is all because,

  • Biomagnetic Underlay therapy helps relieves pain significantly.
  • They are compatible with all pharmaceuticals because they are natural.
  • They are always effective to all those with sleeping disorders.
  • They can absorb 30% moisture content and still maintain a dump free atmosphere.
  • They are bacteria and fire proof or resistant.
  • Have no electrical power plug.
  • They provide adequate warmth for comfort in either cool summer or warm winter.
  • Have elastic skirts to easily fit them in our beds.
  • For those who are allergic, our underlays are non-allergenic.
  • Most important, they can be washed and dried using the normal washing machines.
  • We usually give our customers a free magnetic pillow.

Biomagnetic underlays are of different sizes ranging from king, queen, king single, double, and magnetic mattress pads

NOTE: All Biomagnetic Underlays will be Shipped by AUSTRALIA POST

Biomagnetic Underlay

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