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Energy and Weight Loss Products

Bonvit is an Australian owned company that specializes in the manufacture of a variety of health, beauty and wellness products. These product ranges include the following-:

Guarana Products
Guarana has been recently appreciated to be wonderful product both for energy and weight loss. It is used in the manufacture of a number of energy drinks as well as a number of supplements. The key component in Guarana is guaranine which can be an alternative to caffeine. Due to this, guarana is naturally a stimulant and is loved by a number of caffeine lovers.
Bonvit Guarana energy solutions come in different sizes of 100g, 200g, 500g and 1000g.

Henna Hair Colors
They also manufactures the Henna Hair colors. This range of hair colors is made from pure Henna leaves and there are no carcinogenic chemicals that have been used in the manufacturing process. Due to this, the product is 100% natural and is suitable for nourishing, conditioning, and revitalizing of the natural hair.
The Henna hair colors are available in various colors including natural red, golden red, black, burgundy, dark brown and more.

Maintain a Good Digestive System with Psyllium

Bonvit Psyllium Products
Psyllium is a great source of natural fiber. Psyllium is a soluble fiber and is known to be very effective in maintaining a good health of the digestive system and when combined with low fat, it becomes excellent in lowering the cholesterol levels thus helping to improve the heart health. These products are also excellent in providing relief when one is experiencing constipation.

Bonvit Gelatin Capsules
They also manufactures a variety of gelatin capsules. Gelatin has numerous health benefits including-:

  • Gelatin improves the growth, quality and texture of the hair
  • It improves the growth of strong and healthy nails
  • Helps in curing some digestive disorders
  • Helps to improve the health of the skin by making it more elastic
  • It can be used as an alternative to protein powders which normally have artificial preservatives
  • Useful for pregnant women as it adds them more proteins

Essential Healthy Foods

Bonvit manufactures a range of healthy foods too. These foods are all natural and there is no use of artificial additives or preservatives. One of the products under the healthy foods is the Date Spread which is an essential remedy for weakness and fatigue.

Dandelion Blend Beverages
When dandelion is roasted and blended with chicoy, then a great substitute for coffee is obtained. Bonvit has a range of dandelion blend beverages that are similar to coffee but are caffeine free. This is ideal for coffee lovers who wish to reduce their intake of caffeine.


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