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Do you Suffer from Restless Legs

There are a variety of botanical blends which are used for a number of purposes. The choice will greatly depend on the intended use by the buyer.

Bath salts have been used for very many centuries and they are known to have unique effects to the human body. These salts will make your skin soft and give it a silky texture unlike other salts which can end up leaving the skin dry. Other benefits of Botanical Blends bath salts include the following-:

Soothe your Muscle, and Reduce your Stress

  • Useful in the relaxation of the nervous system and the muscles
  • Provides relief for inflammation and swelling problems
  • Used to remove toxins from the body through the skins
  • Relaxes the mind and the soul
  • Used for healing cuts and reducing soreness from child delivery

Below is a range of some of the botanical blends available.

Magnesium Oil
Magnesium oil is another important item within the botanical blends. Magnesium is one of the essential elements and the oil makes it possible to absorb magnesium directly into the body without having to go through the organs. This oil is ideal for those who would like to increase their intake of magnesium without having to go the oral way. It can also be used by those recovering from diarrhea or those suffering from different stomach ailments.

Botanical Blends Relief+ Cream
Relief cream is used to get instant results when you apply it on any part of the body where the muscles are aching or where you are experiencing any form of joint pains. The product has the capability to go deep into the skin upon application and provide immediate relaxation of the stressed muscles hence giving immediate reprieve from the pain. It smells great and it can be applied at any time but only on the regions experiencing joint or muscle aches.

Protect your Skin with Rosehip Oil Certified Organic

This is an extract from the “hip” of the rose. Other than being rich in essential fatty acids, the Botanical Blends Rosehip oil has a number of nutrients which are useful for a healthy skin. Some of the nutrients include-:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids which are important in ensuring that the skin is well moisturized.
  • Vitamin C which other than acting as an antioxidant, it helps in the formation of collagen.
  • Omega 9 fatty acids which are essential in maintaining a supple skin
  • Beta carotene which other than being a source of vitamin A, it also plays an important role in the protecting the skin from harmful radiations from the sun.

For more information about other botanical blends, check out on the available products in the Natural Health Organic online store.

Botanical Blends

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