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Bull Dog Skincare

Natural Skincare for Men

As you may already know, men's skin is very much different from that of a woman's, so it is very important for men to use Bull Dog Skincare that have been made especially just for the job, maintaining the healthy skin of a man. First of all, men have much oilier skin than women do. Oily skin means you are more likely to develop acne, majorly enlarged facial pores, shininess, and many other skin issues. On top of all that, men’s skin is also more acidic, with an average pH of 4.5. Because men's skin is so much more acidic, they really have to be careful about what kinds of products they use. Due to the acidity, different products can react differently on a man's skin.

Because of this, it is vital that every man has and uses Bull Dog Skincare products that will only help - not hurt - their skin.

Facial Moisturiser for Men

That's why Bulldog Skincare makes all of their products with men and their skin in mind. Bulldog Skincare's main focus is providing men with the best, and most natural, products for their skin so that they can maintain their own skin health alongside women without having to use a product that could be potentially irritating to the skin. Did you know that men's skin is also thicker and more elastic than women's? That would be why it takes men so much longer to develop wrinkles and other skin changes when they start to get a little on the elderly side.

Sounds great, right? Well, there's a bad part of that too. On the more negative side, men usually are far more often exposed to allergens and pollutants that could potentially harm their skin. There's not much that they can do about the constant exposure their skin is getting aside from avoiding going outside altogether. No man is going to change his health routine around so drastically that he decides to never leave the house, just to avoid dirt and other things that can be harsh on the skin.

Nourish your Skin with After Shave Balm

This is where Bulldog Skincare comes into play. Because men's skin is (literally) thicker than women's, using regular products to rid of the pollutants on the skin is next to useless. Bulldog Skincare can provide men with all the products that they need to maintain their healthy man hide, but without causing more harm. Just as with women, a man's skin loses it's collagen and elastin when they start to grow older. Production of collagen and elastin isn't stopped completely, but it is very much slowed down. With that being said, once a man does start to finally show signs of aging, he shows all of them almost all at once. A woman's wrinkle development is definite at a younger age than men, but it is slow and gradual. A man's wrinkles will show up and look as if he's been developing them for years, when it's really only been half a year.

Women have their wrinkle erasing products, and now so do men. Every man deserves the best, so why should they have any less? When it comes to the health of a man's skin, Bulldog Skincare is most definitely the only place to go to find every skincare product that he will ever need in order to keep his skin nice and healthy.

Bull Dog Skincare

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