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Byron Bay Healthy Salt

Himalayan Salt is Vital for Life

Himalayan salt is a pure salt from sea deposit dating to over 250 million years. The salt has high levels of mineral and colours range from shades of pink to red and some come in white. The varying colours are due to the mineral contents. The healthy salt can be consumed just like table salt but it is healthier due to the higher mineral content. To make your meal taste and healthier shake some Byron Bay Healthy Himalayan salt into your food. For something different try the native spices and herbs which are blended with the crystal salt.

Himalayan healthy salt is used by spas, health specialists, chefs and individual for their therapeutic and nutritive properties. Byron Bay Healthy Salt bath soaks can be used to help lower blood pressure, relax the body, soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation.

DeStress with a Magnesium Salt Soak

They can also be used as bath salts, scrubs, for aromatherapy and homemade salts. Add Byron Bay Healthy salt Bath soak Skin soothe to your bath water to revitalize your body. Try Magnesium Oil Spray to help settle those tired aching muscle and helps you unwind after active exercise or a solid days work.

History of the Salt

Byron Bay Healthy Salt Himalayan salt was formed over 250million years ago. They were created from the deposits marine fossils. The salt is generally harvest from ancient sea bed. Historically the salt was used to preserve meat and fish throughout the year. The people of the Himalayan would take the salt to Nepalese valley in spring for trade. The salt is still hand-mined without using any explosions or mining equipment. After being hand-mined they are hand- crushed and washed then dried in the sun. The Himalayan salt that is currently being sold in the market is however not from the Himalayas but from Northern Pakistan.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan salt has high amounts of minerals within the sodium. This minerals work together to produce a greater effect. Himalayan salts also contain iodine so, so it does not need to be added artificially. The salt also has less sodium per serving than refined table salt. This is because the salt’s particles are larger than table salt therefore less grains per table than the table salt.

Bath Salts Byron Bay Healthy Salt Co

Byron Bay Healthy Salt Himalayan salts have over 80 minerals including sodium chloride, sulphate, magnesium, calcium, bromide, potassium and many more. It’s because of this minerals that the salt can help increase hydration, balance pH level to reduce acid reflux, aid in metabolism, create an electrolyte balance, prevent muscle cramping, strengthens bones, prevent goiters, improve circulation and eliminates toxins from the body. To take advantage of the healing power of the Himalayan salt get our Byron Bay Healthy Salts.

Byron Bay Healthy Salt

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