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Chia seeds have been part of the Aztec and Mayan diet for many years. They are originally from South America and carry excellent health benefits for those who consume them. They are rich in both antioxidants and other nutrients. The Chia Company chia products are available for sale at an affordable price. Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy:

The Chia Company Chia seeds come packed with antioxidants which are great for protecting against free radicals, as well as the effects of aging. They are also able to last a long time without the need to refrigerate due to the antioxidants in them.

Full of Fibre and Protein

  • These seed are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as other polyunsaturated fats. In fact, sixty percent of the fats in these seed are omega-3s. They also carry alpha-linolenic acid. They are a great product for those who suffer from high cholesterol and inflammation or for those looking to make their cognitive performance better.
  • The Chia Company Chia seeds are rich in minerals including magnesium, calcium, manganese and phosphorous. All of these are necessary for the prevention of hypertension, maintenance of a healthy body weight, DNA synthesis and also for the metabolism of energy.
  • They are high in fiber which can help regulate your bowel movements, reduce inflammation and lower your cholesterol. 2 tablespoons of the seeds carries 10mg of fiber which is already 1/3 of the fiber you need every day.
  • The Chia Company Chia seeds have no grains or gluten in them so if you are eating a diet that is gluten free, you can enjoy these as well.
  • They produce a feeling of satiety. When you feel full you have less food cravings and can stick to your healthy diet. When you mix the seeds with liquids you get some gelling action and when that is combined with fiber and protein which are already in the seeds you feel fuller for longer.

Far Reaching Health Benefits

They can be eaten as whole seeds. You don’t have to grind them in order to get their benefits.

They can also be used instead of eggs since they tend to swell up when mixed with a fluid. People who are on a diet that should not include eggs can use this as a replacement.

The Chia seed products from the Chia Company are available for sale on our website Natural Health Organics. They include Chia Bran, Chia black seeds, Chia white seeds, ground chia seeds and chia oil. They come at a great price and are packaged carefully for your use.

Buy The Chia Company Chia Seeds products for good health from Natural Health Organics online store health foods store.

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