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Plant and Mineral Derived Makeup

Natural cosmetics are quickly gaining popularity for women wishing to have more organic and natural ingredients in their makeup. Natural cosmetic are the better choice for women looking to try out something new and safe. These Claytime Cosmetics are quickly becoming their beauty essential choice.

Pure Australian Style and Glamour

Natural cosmetics are made from natural products. They ingredients are not chemically or synthetically made. This makes them environmentally friendly. When cosmetics are made from chemicals this chemical get into the atmosphere and water and they cause pollution. By using natural Claytime Cosmetics you contributing towards helping our earth be greener. Try our cosmetics to look good while helping our environment. In addition natural cosmetic are not tested on animals. Know that, no animal was hurt while making the perfect natural cosmetic for you.

Natural Minerals Chemical free

Natural cosmetics avoid irritations. Artificial colours and chemicals that are added in makeups cause irritations, redness and breakouts. In addition many people are allergic to the chemicals found in the products. However natural Claytime Cosmetics do not cause irritations, block your pores nor make your skin oily or dry. They are safe to use at anytime and anywhere. They are also compatible with all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin or oily skin you can use Claytime Cosmetics without worrying about worsening your condition.

With natural cosmetics you get a wide variety to choose from. Natural They come in a variety from foundation to lipstick, to blush, mascara, concealer, eye shadow and many more to come. There also those that are made locally and high end ones. In addition natural cosmetics are more affordable than synthetic one.

Experience the Magic of Nature

The skin is the largest body organ and a gateway to the blood. By directly dubbing synthetic cosmetics to your skin means that you expose your body to harsh chemicals that can get into the blood stream. By using natural Claytime Cosmetics you completely get rid of harmful chemicals and instead use natural product that are safe and also beneficial to your body. Our products are one hundred percent safe for use.

Artificial fragrances are usually designed to cover the smell of chemicals used in synthetic cosmetic. These chemicals smells can overwhelm you making your head ache. Natural Claytime Cosmetics smell like their natural ingredients. They do not include any artificial fragrances. In addition natural cosmetics with essential oils can help revitalize your skin. Our products are made from natural ingredients and they come in liquid lipstick, mascara, foundation, bronzer, eye shadow as well as eco-friendly brushes.

Claytime Cosmetics

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