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Stimulate your Immune System and Improve your Health

Propolis is the resin that bees gather from leaf buds of trees and certain vegetables. The bees gather this substance to seal and disinfect beehives. Propolis itself is not available in its pure form but usually obtained from the beehives.

Comvita Propolis has a number of active ingredients. Tincture an alcoholic extract of propolis is used for its therapeutic properties. It is used to help stimulate the organism defense system. It also has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. In addition comvita propolis has healing, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Propolis antioxidant capacity is the greatest ever found in any food or products. In history propolis was used by ancient Greek and Assyrians for healing wounds as well as for abscesses. Egyptians used propolis during mummification.

Anti-inflammatory Properties Help Reduce Pain

Propolis is used to fight infections. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are effective when it comes to treating infections and soothing pain. It is used on sore throats, stomach discomfort, cuts, bruises and athletes foot. Use our Comvita Propolis Tinture to treat your cuts and bruise.

Propolis used to help fight bacteria, viruses as well as fungus. Some of the common bacteria and viruses that can be treated with propolis include common cold and flu. In addition when used regularly it helps with chronic health problems and persistent allergies.

Comvita Propolis is used as an anti-inflammatory. When dubbed or swallowed it helps reduce swelling and pain in the affected areas. It may help rid persistent pain from dentures or cavities. It also helps in treating oral yeast and fight plaque. It can also be used as a mouth rinse after oral surgery to stimulate the healing process. Use our Propolis Oral Spray Extra Strength to relieve oral pain. Our Propolis Toothgel will help fight cavities and plaque leaving you with a clean healthy mouth.

Fight Infections with Manuka Honey

Propolis is a powerful antioxidant. When taken as a supplement, is can help eliminate free radicals from the blood stream completely. Free radicals are formed from corrupted molecules and they affect blood flow in the veins as well as help reduce the body’s defense system. Comvita Propolis repair molecules that are corrupted and also assist in maintaining healthy blood flow.

Comvita Propolis helps to treat a variety of other conditions such as burns, skin ulcers and other skin conditions. It also helps to treat sore joins, and rheumatism. It relieves osteolytic pain and is effective at killing bacteria after food poisoning. In addition it used in various treatments and as a pain reliever during the treatment.


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