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Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

For more than 26 years now, Crystal Body Deodorant has been in the market preventing people with sensitive skin from being malodorous. The roll on is a natural un-odorant that works well if you need a deodorant that is hypoallergenic, unscented, alcohol free, fast drying, free of aluminum chlorohydrate, non-sticky, free of paraben, long lasting, is not sticky and will not leave residue behind. This is a roll on that will go on quite easily and is made from purified water, cellulose and natural potassium alum a mineral salt.

You may also opt for Crystal Body Deodorant Spray which, unlike the roll on which has to go under your arms, can be used anywhere on your body including your inner thighs, chest or feet to control body odor. You simply have to hold it about 5 inches away from the area you need to spray and give it 2 to 3 sprays. In addition you can do this as many times as you would like. You should apply it directly on to skin that is clean. It consists of natural potassium alum and water that has been purified.

Stops Odours all Day

The Crystal Body Deodorant stick is another option for controlling body odor. It comes in a twist-up stick that is grooved and patented and can even last you up to a whole year depending on use. All you have to do is moisten the stick at the top and then apply it quite generously on to your clean skin. In order to see the best possible results, consider using it after you have just taken a shower or a bath. It works to control body odor all day long.

The ingredient used in Crystal Body Deodorant is ammonium alum a naturally occurring mineral salt. Ever been out partying with friends or walking on a hot day and felt the need to freshen up a bit, particularly if you have worked up a sweat? Now there is a solution that will work really well for you.

Freshen up while Travelling

Try the Crystal Body Deodorant Towelletes that come in a 6 pack. They are the protection you need against body odor when you are on the go. The deodorant towelettes are 100% biodegradable. They are actually small enough that you can put them in your pants pocket and be on your way. Crystal Body Deodorant work very well if you are travelling, going to the gym, or are in the office for the day. Carry some in your hand bag, brief case, car, gym or stick some in your desk drawer.

Crystal Body Deodorant

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