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Certified Organic Hair Dyes

Desert Shadow is an Australian based company that focuses on providing consumers with organic and natural hair dye colors. Their mission is to promote healthy living through genuine organic hair and body alternatives. This company started from a passion and has been searching for efficient and natural alternatives for hair and skin products. This mission was not an easy one to overcome. There are numerous side effects and secondary reactions that are caused by chemicals found in conventional hair dyes. And Desert Shadow organic hair color dyes have gone through extensive research and trails and they have finally found a way to develop formulas that they use today. This formula is made with the finest certified organic plant ingredients that give your hair and body a totally natural and balanced lift.

Plant Based Hair Colours from Desert Shadow

One of the biggest accomplishments of Desert Shadow is that they have finally achieved making hair dyes and hair treatments that are one hundred percent certified organic by NASSA in Australia. By using these organic hair colors you will be able to enjoy colored hair, while also embracing the natural through the ingredients. And you can enjoy all of this while also not missing out on any hair products or treatments that you desire. Desert Shadow has a collection full of everything that you need to color your hair while not damaging it. There is also a wide color range, so there is a good chance that you will be able to find your perfect shade.

Desert Shadow works only with botanical ingredients by using a variety of plants to create all of the different shades. This means that each shade has a slightly different formula because different plants will be used. The plants range from hibiscus, aloe vera, cassia obovate, lawsonia inermis, and many many more. Each of these plants are used in different quantities to formulate the many different organic hair color options that Desert Shadow, but every formula includes aloe vera which is used to enhance the colors.

Desert Shadow fresh from Nature

Dying your hair does not have to be a chemical filled event, in fact now there are options to make the process as natural as anything else in your life (in not more natural). Desert Shadow gives you a wide variety of colors options with their organic hair color dyes, all while keeping the formula natural. This means that you will no longer have to deal with the negative side effects of traditional hair dyes again. Desert Shadow offers the perfect natural alternative.

Desert Shadow

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