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Confectionery - Healthier Sweets

Double D is an Australian owned and operated confectionery business that has been in operations since 1920. They are proud to be the manufacturers of a range of sugar free and semi medicated hard candy. Ever since they began their operations, Double D Confectionery has maintained the use of untouched recipes that are 100% Australian. Some of the famous old ingredients they use to produce these world renowned confectioneries are Australian Oils, Eucalyptus, and natural honey.

It is comforting to note that Double D Confectioneries does not use any artificial sweeteners in the manufacture of their products. Instead of using artificial sugars and flavors, they have embraced the use of stevia which is a natural sweetener with very many health benefits. Instead of being manufactured in the lab, the stevia is harvested directly from the stevia plant to avoid any processes that may add additional flavors to it. It comes with natural sugars, clean taste and it bears no after tastes in the mouth.

Sugar Free - Better for your Health

The advantages that one gets by taking Stevia include-:

  • Beneficial in weigh management due to the fact that it has zero calories.
  • It is 300 times sweeter than artificial sugars.
  • It has the ability to help lower blood pressure hence suitable for people suffering from ailments like diabetes, blood pressure etc. This makes it essential in helping to promote a good heart health.
  • Unlike other confectionery, it does no harm to the teeth because of the absence of artificial sugars. Young children can therefore take without worrying about damage to their young teeth.
  • It has antibacterial properties which prevent any bacterial growth in the teeth thus improving the oral health.
  • It aids in calcium formation hence important for the formation of strong and healthy teeth and bones.

Double D confectioneries have provided a way for many people with the opportunity to maintain a normal day life. This is especially important for those suffering from diabetes or those who need to regulate their sugar intake. With these Double D Confectionery, they have a chance not only to take sugar free candies but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are sweet and at the same time healthy.

Great Taste Sensations

The Double D Confectionery are available in a number of flavors. There is a wide variety to ensure that everyone’s taste has been taken care of. Whether you need single flavors or a blend of more than one flavor then you will get it. Some of the flavors are eucalyptus, butter, fruit drops, lemon n lime, fruit jelly, summer mint, mint chews and even Aussie Gummy Bears.

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Double D Confectionery

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