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Discover the Healing Benefits of this Product

Dr. Wheatgrass is a nutrient rich products that is composed from the cotyledons of Triticfum Aestivum, which is a very common wheat plant that is used in a variety of different foods. Unlike many other products of this type which are sold as a powder, each and every product that is sold at Natural Health Organics is in a form that is ready to use. Dr. Wheatgrass is available in a variety of different types, such as a “super shot” that is ready to drink, a gel that can be applied directly to the skin in order to receive a variety of different benefits through the dermal layer, a skin recovery spray that is readily absorbed by the skin, and a lip balm that can be applied directly to the lips.

Do you have Dry and Troublesome Skin

The different ingredients in Dr. Wheatgrass can be used to receive many different health benefits, and is usually used to treat medical conditions such as skin disorders, inflammation of the skin, wounds on the dermal layer of skin, and other conditions such as disorders of the blood. In addition, Dr. Wheatgrass is effective for reducing pain in inflamed areas of the body, as well as skin abrasions located anywhere on the body. There have been absolutely no negative side effects that have been found from patients using these product, which is a dramatic difference from many other products that use harsh chemicals in order to fight against many skin conditions and medical disorders.

SuperBalm helps Negate Muscle Stiffness

Australian Dr. Chris Reynolds has been working with wheatgrass since 1995, and has been perfecting the perfect serum to allow the body to readily receive the many different health benefits that this product was used for since 1930. In addition, he has found that the Dr Wheatgrass product can be very helpful for use after chemotherapy and radiation post therapy phase on the body. There has also been a variety of different tests that have concluded that the product can also be used to help a variety of different illnesses effects when ingested or applied to the skin.

Many patients have also noticed dramatic immune boosting effects from daily use of this Dr Wheatgrass product, meaning that people with a reduced or compromised immune systems may be able to receive dramatic health benefits that fight against viruses and other diseases that may have presented themselves if the product had not been used on a regular basis.

Dr Wheatgrass

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