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Help save the Environment with Earthwise Cleaning Products

Clean and take care of your environment at the same time. Your health as well as that of the environment around you is very important to the team at Earthwise. The products they create for cleaning your home or commercial space are formulated with the best natural ingredients available. The products created by Earthwise are environmentally friendly and are therefore without any toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals found in other cleaning agents can destroy our rivers, fauna and creeks.

Earthwise protects the Planet.

The products created by Earthwise are made with natural ingredients that are very gentle to your skin. Your clothes and the surfaces you use them on will be left without harmful residue which leaves your environment cleaner and healthier. They are eco-friendly and powerful against dirt and will do well for your day to day cleaning needs. Some of the Earthwise cleaning products you can enjoy include air fresheners that provide a refreshing burst of fragrance when sprayed. The fragrances are inspired by nature and the air fresheners can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and other living spaces. They contain surfactants that are biodegradable. The scents include apple blossom, citrus, frangipani and lavender.

The dish wash liquid concentrate is mild, gentle and not too sudsy. It is a formula that is plant based and is very concentrated. Just a little of it will leave all your dishes completely clean and without streaks. It is also safe for your septic tank and grey water use. It contains surfactants that are biodegradable and is a choice that is much gentler both for you and your environment. Half a tablespoon in some warm water will provide a clean wash. If the water you are using is hard, you may need to use a little bit more dish wash liquid concentrate. The choices you have include lemon and aloe vera and pink grapefruit.

Biodegradable Cleaning Products from Earthwise

Fabric softener is another product you can find from Earthwise. You only need a little of it to leave your wash smelling fragrant and soft. If works to reduce the creases and static on the clothes. In addition it makes ironing them much easier and also reduces the time it takes your clothes to dry. It is also biodegradable and safe for grey water us and the septic tank.

There are many other Earthwise cleaning products on offer that you can use to clean your home or other commercial spaces. Depending on what you need, find a natural fragrance that works for you and enjoy the products.

All Earthwise cleaning products are available from Natural Health Organics your online health store.


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