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Enjoy ecobud Purified Drinking Water

The water that comes from your tap may look clean, but a closer look may reveal impurities that could harm your health. If your water tastes unusual or has a bit of a smell, you need to beware. ecobud provides filtration so that you can drink water that is sterilized, vitalized and cleansed. Such water can only improve your health. The filtering products provided by ecobud are quite easy to work with and use and are also environmentally friendly. They provide water that is clean and tastes good for the consumption of the whole family and for cooking the food you will eat.

Remove Chemicals and Bacteria from Water with Ecobud

Some of the things you can expect to catch and remove from your water include organic pollutants, chemicals that may be harmful to you, bacteria as well. The water will taste sweeter and smoother too. Some of these filters include:

Cumulus shower filter – This filters the water coming from your shower so that you can clean your body in water that is pure and hygienic. It removes chlorine, impurities, dirt and bacteria. The filter also kills fungi and odors in the water.

ecobud Gentoo Life Water Jug Blue – This is a fridge filter system. This system of water filtration can be used outdoors or indoors and provides water that tastes fantastic. With this filter there is no need of boiling your water and it comes with a free jug that you can carry the water in.

The Little Penguin is another filtering system that comes in a drink bottle that is quite handy. The filter is placed at the mouth of the bottle so that the water you drink is automatically filtered. This one works very well for those who would like to take it to school, gym, hiking or camping. It comes in black, green, blue and red.

Alkaline Water Filter from ecobud

This filter is patented in Australia and filters the water in 4 stages. The end result is great tasting water. It removes fluoride, contaminants, chlorine and bacteria. The filter should be changed out at least once in two months. The water is pure and will be great for your general well-being and health.

There are other filter systems available from ecobud. You just need to browse the website and pick the one that best suits your needs. Don’t drink unpurified water any longer. Get a filtration system that you can afford and drink your clean water today.


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