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Ecologic Organic Cleaning Products are made from Natural Ingredients.

They include cleaners for your bathroom, laundry liquid, dish washing liquid, air fresheners and so much more. They are available for sale at reasonable prices and will be a great alternative to the harsh cleaners that most people use.

Some of Ecologic Organic Cleaning products include:

Bathroom Cleaning Gel – This gel has been specially formulated with oils from plants including the tea tree. This tree is known to have natural anti-mould and antibacterial properties and is therefore a great option when it comes to cleaning bathroom surfaces. This product does not have any of the synthetic chemicals that are damaging to your health or the environment. The ingredients used in making it are not harsh at all and are safe for your family and gentle on you.

Laundry Liquid – This laundry liquid works well because it goes into the fibers of your clothes unlocking and releasing the dirt that has stubbornly been ground in. The best thing about it is that it is very effective without the harsh chemicals found in most other laundry liquids. Because it is very friendly to your environment, it can be used in grey water recycling to water the garden.

Easy to Use Cleaners from Ecologic Organic Cleaning Products

Dishwashing Liquid - The Ecologic dishwashing liquid is made with essential oils, herbs and plant extracts. It also goes in to unlock as well as release all the stubborn particles on your dishes without harming your environment. It can be used with your dishwasher and is low when it comes to suds. It does not contain animal ingredients, zeolite, brightening or bleaching chemicals, artificial colors, fillers, mineral phosphates or any synthetic fragrances.

Toilet Air Freshener – Essential oils in the air freshener are both deodorizing and antiseptic. Your toilet will smell clean and fresh. This air freshener comes with peppermint and eucalyptus oils as well as chamomile extract, lavender extract and marigold extract among other ingredients.

Remove Dirt from Windows with Ecologic Organic Cleaning Products

Window cleaner – Ecologic also has a natural window cleaner that removes the dirt, finger prints, marks that have been left on your window by the pets you may have as well as dust. It contains soapwort and other herbal extracts for a powerful clean.

Everyday cleaner – This is a cleaner that you can simply use to spray and then quickly wipe any surface in your home. It has both antifungal and antibacterial properties and is absolutely natural.

Look through the Ecologic organic cleaning products for more on what Natural Health Organics has to offer!

Ecologic Organic Cleaning Products

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