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Almond Milk provides all the Nutrients

For those who are looking for an alternative to traditional milk, EcoMil has produced a very healthy, tasty product called almond milk that provides all the nutrients and great taste to boot. Almond milk is a very healthy alternative to cow’s milk and provides the taste that is just right for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.

What is EcoMil?

EcoMil was founded in 1991 with the idea of improving the almond milk recipe which is a traditional drink in Spain. In the old days, an almond paste was mixed with water and then heated in a saucepan. While effective, the almond milk took time to process which limited its market potential.

However, an innovative drying process was used to transform the paste into almond powder which could be instantly mixed with water to create the milk. This sped up the processing considerably and allowed almond milk to be more effectively marketed.

EcoMil began to experiment with the success of the almond milk to create new and different flavors so that it could appeal to a wide variety of people. Most notably, those who live the vegetarian lifestyle as well as those who are lactose intolerant are perfect candidates for almond milk which is plant-based and provides plenty of healthy vitamins and nutrients. Today, EcoMil is the leading brand in Europe that carries all natural almond milk and now exports their product to over 50 countries around the world.

The Quality of EcoMil Almond Milk

EcoMil only uses the best in terms of raw materials for their almond milk products. There is a step-by-step control process that ensures high quality standards are followed. The quality control system is guaranteed by independent certifiers who oversee the process and deem it safe before it leaves the facility.

The almond milk that is produced is not only free of lactose, but it also has no gluten or sugar as well. This makes it perfect for those who are eating healthy diets to lose excess weight and get the nutrients their bodies need on a daily basis.

How EcoMil Helps the Environment

In addition to helping their customers by providing the smallest ecological footprint possible by using safe, environmentally sound methods that include the proper farming, managing and packaging of their products.

The vegetarian diet that is being promoted by the EcoMil produces almond milk in a process that releases less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the vegetable food helps to limit the overall environmental footprint as compared to how cow’s milk is processed.

In addition, there are proper organic farming methods used that insure all the products are free from GMOs, pesticides and fertilizers. By ensuring that the products are safe and healthy for you, they also use methods that work for the environment as well. Finally, the packaging of the EcoMil products uses recycled materials whenever possible to fully protect the environment that we live in every day.

For those who live the vegan lifestyle, are lactose intolerant or simply want to enjoy a tasty drink that is fresh and healthy, EcoMil almond milk products are the ones for you.

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