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Healthy and Sustainable Cleaning Products

Ecostore provides natural products that can be used to clean your home or any other commercial space for that matter. Ecostore also carry bath products for those who need quality natural products. Some of the products include shower and bathroom cleaners, dishwashing liquids and tablets, body wash, hand wash and more.

Some of the Ecostore products you can look forward to enjoying include:

Dishwash tablets – Not only does the tablet leave your dishes sparkling clean but they do not have any chemical residue either. These Ecostore tablets have mineral and plant ingredients that give your dishes a clean that includes the removal of stains. In addition they prevent streaking and spots and limescale from building up in the dishwasher. They come wrapped up so that you do not have to touch them and the wrapping simply dissolves in the dishwasher.

Laundry Detergents and Cleaning Products with no Unpleasant chemicals

Shower and bathroom cleaner – This is a natural product from Ecostore that leaves your bathroom clean and free of bacteria. Soap scum doesn’t stand a chance either because this shower cleaner contains D-limonene and citric acid which are effective against scum. Ecostore cleaner will kill e-coli, staphylococcus and salmonella. It is all so quite effective against spots caused by hard water.

Body wash – If you are looking for natural luxurious bath products Ecostore is the place to be. The body wash is made from a blend of essential oils that are certified organic to provide luxury from the top of your head clear down to your toes. The products in the body wash do not have sodium LaurylSulphate or any artificial dyes. In addition, preservatives and perfumes have also been left out. The product is excellent for those who have very sensitive skin.

Cream Cleanser – Ecostore cream cleanser is used to clean basins, stainless steel, baths, laminated surfaces, white-ware, tiled surfaces and chrome. It does a great job of removing soap residue or grease that has built up on the surface. It comes in a lemon scent or not scented at all.

Protect Your Health is of Utmost Importance

Hand Wash – The ecostore hand wash is specially formulated to be gentle to your hands. The objective is to give your hands that have been nourished, conditioned and cleansed. It is mad to retain the natural oils in your skin so that your hands feel silky and soft after every wash. The moisturizer in the hand wash comes from wheat protein and wheat germ oil.

Review the products on offer for more of what Ecostore has to offer.

Buy Ecostore cleaning products for good health from Natural Health Organics online health foods store


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