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Protein Health and Nutritional Products

Supplements are used by a number of people especially by athletes to improve on their muscles, and increase strength and energy. Eden BC was designed with such needs in mind and it offers much more benefits to any other person who prefers to use it. Amongst the ingredients used in making this Eden BC product is the much celebrated whey protein. The whey protein has been celebrated as one of the top supplements available for athletes and other body builders.

Some of the benefits which make it such a loved supplement include

Fat loss and preservation of muscles
Eden BC whey protein is ideal when you have reduced your intake of calories and still unable to reduce the body fat. Several scientific researches has shown that consumption of whey protein can reduce your daily intake of calories thereby helping you reduce fat while at the same time ensuring that you preserve your muscles.

Increase in strength
Going to the gym alone may not be the only solution for someone looking to increase strength. It has been proven that taking Eden BC whey protein one hour prior to work out and one hour after workout will increase the fat free mass of your body while at the same time increasing your muscle strength.

Fighting Diseases
Common ailments are a menace whose cure remains to be a mystery in the medical field. But some medical research have come to the conclusion that constant intake of whey protein can help in reducing the chances of contracting some common forms of diseases.

Stress reduction
There are several medical evidence showing that the use of why proteins can suppress the symptoms of depression and help in stress reduction. This is because it is believed that the protein changes the brain serotin which is responsible for stress and the overall moods of the body.

High in Proteins and Amino Acids.

The Eden BC protein comes in a number of variations and flavors. For those who love vanilla then the vanilla organic powder will be suitable for you. There is also the Pea Protein isolate which is prepared from pea. This particular protein is suitable for vegetarians and vegans because of its high content of proteins and amino acids.

Eden BC Rice Protein Isolate provides an alternative to those who do not want to go with whey protein. Rice is regarded as one of the best non-animal protein and it’s also a good option for vegan and vegetarians.

For more products on Eden BC, have a look at the available products in the Natural Health Organics online store.

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