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Emu Oil Therapies - Emu Spirit

Emu oil has been in use the traditional Australians for thousands for years to reduce inflammation and to improve the health of the skin. Emu Spirit have adopted the use of Emu oil to come up with a range of natural products aimed at offering effective and natural solutions to inflammation problems as well as general health problems. Emu Spirits offers great remedies basically in natural skincare products and natural therapies.

Natural Emu Oil Skincare Products - Emu Spirit

Emu Spirit range of skin care products are manufactured using the recent science and technology to repair, restore and renew the skin while at the same time making it more beautiful. The products have herbal extracts and anti-inflammatory properties which are meant to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. They are gentle on skin with no artificial preservatives or fragrances and they can also be used in skins with different sensitivities. Furthermore, all the products in the skincare range are enriched with omega fatty acids which are important in repairing damaged skin and improving on the skin tone.

Natural Emu Oil Remedies - Emu Spirit

Emu Spirit has a range of Emu oil products which are effective in offering remedy to the following conditions-:

  • Arthritis – Emu oil contains natural anti-inflammatory which can be used to provide remedies for arthritis and other conditions such as back pain, gout, and shoulder pain.
  • Psoriasis – this is a skin condition that is normally marked with red patchy skins. Emu oil has been used effectively to relief pain and discomfort and also to reduce the redness that is caused by the condition. In effect, the oil makes the skin smooth and reduces the amount of plaque on the skin.
  • Muscle aches and pains – With its anti-inflammatory properties, Emu oil has the ability to penetrate the skin quickly and offer relief to muscles and joints in pain. Very suitable for athletes and sports personalities who normally pick up different kinds of muscles and joint pains in the course of their exercises.
  • Nappy rush – In some cases, a baby’s skin can be affected as a result of having a wet nappy for a long period of time. Ammonia from the urine causes irritation on the skin.
  • Plastic pants are also known to cause wetness to the baby’s skin and cause rushes. Using Emu oil will reduce the rushes and the red sports on the baby’s skin and make it and safe from infection from any bacteria.

    For a full range of the products offered by Emu Spirit browse through the Natural Health Organics online website.

Emu Spirit

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