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Gluten Free and Dairy Free Foods

There are plenty of gluten free and natural products out there but one company that specializes in it is Eskal. Eskal Foods prides itself on providing high quality, gluten free products. They also provide dairy free, nut free and organic food products for worldwide consumption as well. They are a brand based out of Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Singapore, and South Africa. They are not sold here in America yet but hopefully soon.

They provide their customers with a sense of quality and variety not normally seen in the normal grocery store markets. Where they are normally flooded with foods masked with ingredients no one has ever heard of and a lot of other additives that people do not really need, Eskal simplifies all this with providing natural foods that are not only good for you but good in taste as well. They are gluten free products that range from foods such as crackers and pasta to noodles and biscuits. There are even gluten free products such as chocolate coated pretzels and ice cream, foods not normally seen with a gluten free, natural alternative.

Organic and Nut Free Foods

Eskal are successful because they think outside the box and provide an innovative way to provide more than just the normal assortment of foods you have come to know and see every day. Eskal products are also 100% kosher certified and produced according to the strict guidelines set forth by the HACCP programs. This guarantees them to be safe and clean when manufactured as those standards are high to begin with. Eskal receives plenty of rave reviews for its Eskal gluten free products, its Eskal nut free products, and Eskal dairy free products. Usually a company does not specialize in multiple areas but they have found a way to do it.

Allergy Free Foods

Their foods are healthier than most other foods you will find at a grocery store and contain just as many if not way more vitamins and minerals for growing kids and muscle building adults. A lot of people in recent memory are looking for allergen friendly foods and Eskal can provide those people with just that. Everyone should be able to enjoy the foods they love and not be hindered by silly allergic reactions and other negative means of avoiding foods; now there is a company that can help circumvent that. The next time you need groceries, keep an eye out for Eskal brand products for your next purchase.


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