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Raw handmade Kale Chips from Extra Ordinary Foods

Crunch, flavor, and nutrition come together to create Extra Ordinary Foods. While that might sound like a name fit for a children’s superhero group, it is the name of a brand of kale chips. With the amount of nutrition and benefits packed into these chips, though, they might as well be superheroes. This is a hugely popular vegan snack that has grown in popularity over recent years. People, vegan or not, have grown to adore it. Partly because it just tastes so great, partly because of the amount of health benefits you can find in kale and the other ingredients. It is the right snack food for your mind and body.

Nutritious super food, an Unbeatable Flavour

When it comes to flavor, nothing compares to kale chips. There are few things like it in the world. With these chips, you have a few available flavors. All flavors, including the cashew vegan cheese, are vegan. No animal products go into making these delicious chips. What that gives you is a guilt-free snacking experience that will leave you overjoyed. Each flavor brings in something amazing. Whether you have them on their own or sprinkle them on top of a salad, there is so much to love. It is one of those perfected snack foods that you will want nearly everywhere in your life. Thanks to the options with them, that is easy.

Nutrition Packed Goodness

Extra Ordinary Foods does not bake or fry their chips. These are dehydrated to create a more natural crunch, one that does not require any oil. This makes it healthier. Not only because it does not use oil, but also because raw is better for the body. Raw foods contain more of the natural benefits of the foods themselves. With kale, that means that the chips offer an immense amount of nutrition, more so than you can find with other types of snacks.

Healthy Lifestyle and Vibrant Food For All

Anyone can enjoy kale chips. While these are vegan, you do not have to be vegan to eat them, obviously. Anyone, even people who love to eat meat, can grab some kale chips for a guilt-free, healthy snack that will leave their taste buds singing. From the cashew cheese to the various spices used in all of them, the flavors are exceptional. When paired with that simple, subtle, yet addictive crunch, you have one of the best snack foods you will ever eat. Kale chips have risen in popularity for a good reason.

Extra Ordinary Foods

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