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Heat Patch Pain Relief

Suffering from back pain, arthritis pain, or menstrual pain can be very difficult to deal with, especially when the symptoms continue for a long period of time. Many people turn to pain medications to deal with this type of pain, which can help for a short period of time to deal with the pain, but do not treat the underlying causes of the pain. Even when using anti-inflammatory medications, the pain that comes when any of the three causes listed above usually does not go away for a period of any longer than 8 hours, which means that more medications must be taken again, in order to gain the same relief.

Suffering from Acute Back Pain or Muscular Pain

In order to treat the actual cause of the pain and find relief without the use of medications that can be potentially damaging to the digestive tract, liver and kidneys in the long run, using a product that provides immediate relief to the area that is experiencing pain is the best alternative to traditional medicine, and can help to provide relief to the area that actually reduces both the pain and the swelling without damaging the body in absolutely any way.

Flexeze is a product that provides medical grade Continuous Low Level Heat Wrap Therapy to the immediate area that is causing pain to the body. Because Flexeze is wrapped around the entire body, it can be positioned anywhere that causes pain, such as back pain, muscular aches, arthritis pain that causes pain to the joints, and pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

Science Recommends Heat Therapy for Back Pain

Heat wrap therapy of this type has proven to be more effective than both Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, which are two of the most commonly used medication for pain and anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, heat wrap therapy has proven to be so effective that it is often used as an alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory medications in a variety of major hospitals located all throughout Australia.

In addition to providing heat wrap therapy, Flexeze also offers heat pads that can be applied to any area of the body that is suffering from inflammation or aches. Because menstrual pain can be hard to combat, Flexeze heating pads have been specifically designed to fit anywhere on the body, making them easy to apply to the lower abdominal area to combat pain and provide relief from any type of ache that comes along with muscular strain, arthritis, or the menstrual cycle.


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