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High Quality Premium Foods - Global Organics

Global organics deal in certified organic premium foods that are made from high quality raw materials sourced from different parts of the world. For instance, the tomatoes they use are shipped from Italy while the pesto and olives are all obtained from Mediterranean. In the production of their products, they use ingredients such as French mustard and the Canadian maple syrup all of which are known to be of extremely high values.

Lower your Cholesterol - Global Organics

The French mustard for example is known to be of immense use within the medical fields.
Some of its application includes-:

Treatment of Cancer – the mustard contains phytochemicals that retards the spread of tumor cells as well as preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Lowers cholesterol – mustard contains vitamin B which is very crucial in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. It’s also effective in protecting the arteries from getting blocked as a result of plaque accumulations. It therefore helps in regulating the blood flow thus makes the body free from hypertension.

Fight Skin diseases – mustard contains sulphur which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The importance of this is to protect the skin from common skin infections.

Healthy hair – mustard is also known to promote healthy growth of hair due to the presence of vitamin A. This stimulates the growth of hair besides strengthening the hair to stop it from breaking down each and every time.

Other than mustard, Global Organics also uses maple syrup to make some of their products. The maple syrups too have a number of health benefits such as helping in indigestion problems, being that is a great source of manganese, it is essential in muscle recovery and repair following a damage. It’s also important in keeping the blood sugar levels low and for the growth of strong and healthy bones.

Nutritious Foods from Global Organics

Amongst the products from the Global Organics include a variety of beans. For instance, the baked black beans are highly enriched in fiber and are 100% natural. It’s full of nutrients and it can be used as a quick meal for a faster burst of energy or it can be used together other servings such as soup or stew. The other bean type is the cannellini beans which is 99% fat free. The cannellini organic has no chemicals no artificial flavors as well are preservatives. Other than the beans, Global Organics have a wide variety of tomato paste, mustard whole grain organics, mixed bean salads etc.

For more information about the products by Global Organic, kindly go through the whole category in the site.

Global Organics

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