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Greenridge Herbal Medicine

Greenridge Herbal Medicine - ­Greenridge Products Online

Introduction to Greenridge Botanicals

Natural health organics is your number one Australian health store. We stock some of the big names when it comes to health products. In order to deliver on this promise, we supply a comprehensive range of healthy products from Greenridge botanicals. This brand is famous for its chemical free herbal medicine products. It began in 1987 as a family owned business. Although Greenridge is now a renowned global brand, it started out as a small partnership between the Vandersee and Jauncey families.

During the drought of the late eighties, the Vandersee family saw the need to diversify their farm produce. Ray Vandersee, the Managing Director of Greenridge back then was inspired to venture into this market after hearing a radio talk show about herbal medicines. The first product from Greenridge was Ginko Biloba, a Chinese herb that boosts blood circulation in the body. Due to competition from other well-established companies, Greenridge decided to expand their product line and developed Echinacea, a natural herb that improves the body’s defenses against colds and common flu.

In 1995, Greenrige established a ‘Home of Herbs’, which was a tourist facility that invited people to visit the gardens, dine together and learn about herbal medicines. Later in 1997, Greenridge purchased a parcel of land, which allowed the company to create grow its own Echinacea Purpurea for the first time on non-leased farms. Today, Greenridge products are more than 80 in the market. They span from capsules and ointments, to liquid extracts and tablets. Integria Healthcare, a manufacturer and distributor of quality herbal formulations and supplements, now owns the Greenridge Botanicals brand.

Why Choose Greenridge Herbal Products?

Greenridge health supplements contain natural, chemical free ingredients. This helps to maintain quality and maximize the therapeutic effect of the medicine. The company has a wide range of preventive herbal medicines in various health categories such as cough, colds and flu; eye care; health & circulation; as well as whole body and women’s health. Their products not only treat certain ailments, but also enhance the body’s health and vitality.

Buy Greenrige Herbal Extracts to Improve Your Health

Do colds run in your family? Well, you can enjoy good health and prevent flu with Greenridge herbal medicine for colds. In addition to flu medicine, Natural Health Organics provides a wide variety of Greenridge herbal products, which range from sprain and strain ointments, to immune enhancers, multivitamins and much more. We provide descriptions to help you know what each herbal product does.

Grab these products at amazing deals from our store and enjoy great health without leaving a hole in your pocket!

Greenridge Herbal Medicine

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