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Environmentally Friendly Products from If You Care

If You Care products are environmentally friendly and are made from natural materials. Try the sponge cloths that you can use to clean your countertops, kitchens and bathrooms. They are all 100% natural and are made from mirabilite, cotton that has not been bleached and cellulose. The cloth is very absorbent and is able to hold lots of water. This sponge does not leave any streaks and works well with soapy water or disinfectants for that matter. A simple wring will release the water in the sponge. It is very durable, reusable and is resistant to abrasion and tearing. It is also machine washable.

If You Care Aluminum foil is made from a hundred percent recycled product. The foil we make uses up to ninety five percent less energy when it is being produced. Our product also has a lot less waste than making aluminum foil from unrecycled product. It is also in turn, recyclable. Food waste bags are another product made by If You Care. These bags are compostable and are made from non-GMO potato starch. The potato starch is blended together with a polymer that is fully compostable to make them. Plasticizers are not added. The potato starch works a lot better than wheat or corn starch because it contains amylopectin which gives it the necessary structural integrity making the bags quite strong.

No Heavy Metals in If You Care Products

Our baking cups are made from FSC certified material. The paper is premium quality and is also unbleached and greaseproof. Chlorine has not been used in the production of these baking cups. As such the environment is conserved. They are in 3 sizes the Jumbo cup, large and mini cups. If You Can baking paper is also FSC certified and is made from parchment paper that is greaseproof and unbleached. They work well for various cooking and baking needs. The parchment papers from If You Care are coated with silicon and not quilon which can be toxic as it has chromium and other heavy metals. In addition they do not contain any chlorine.

Unbleached Bags from If You Care

If you need to pack a snack or a sandwich to take with you it is better to use an unbleached bag. If You Care bags are made from the pulp of spruce trees. These trees are of Scandinavian origins and the bags are produced in Sweden. They are greaseproof and renewable. They have not been treated with wax of any kind including paraffin wax.

For more on our natural products review what If You Care has to offer./p>

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If You Care

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