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J R Watkins Naturals Skin Care Products

J R Watkins specializes in manufacturing a variety of skin care products as well as home care products using natural ingredients. All these products are safe to use and they have no dangerous chemicals that can harm the skin and all the cleaning care products are environmentally friendly and their disposal to the environment does not harm the environment in any way. Among the ingredients used to make the products are honey, aloe Vera, green tea, and coconut milk. All of these ingredients have their usefulness in skin care and in home cleaning. For instance, there are a number of advantages for using coconut milk in the skin.

Benefits of Coconut in J R Watkins Naturals Skin Care Products

  • Moisturizer – coconut milk has a variety of soothing properties and when applied to dry skins, it moistens it and replenishes the moisture that was lost due to dehydration.
  • Treatment of sunburns – coconut when applied over the areas affected by sunburn will help in healing the areas. It will also help in reducing the pain and the rushes caused as a result of sun burns.
  • Make up remover – Other than using alcohol removers to remove the makeup, coconut is a very good alternative which leaves the skin moistened and not dried up like the other kind of removers. Besides, it is known not to cause any irritations and it can be used in removing makeup in sensitive skins.
  • Treatment of certain skin diseases – Coconut can be used to relieve the skin from the pain caused by conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. This is because it has lots of soothing properties.

Some of the products that you can expect to find by JR Watkins Naturals are the All Purpose Cleaner. This will remove all dirt and grease in all the surfaces in your home. It’s most suitable for cleaning appliances, fixtures, floors, counter tops, and even walls. Once you are through with the all-purpose cleaner, you can use the Aloe and Green Tea Room Freshener to remove any unwanted odors and create a long lasting delightful scent in your rooms. This freshener is made from natural formulations and it is perfectly safe to use.

Natural Ingredients in J R Watkins Body Lotions

Once done with the cleaning, you can use the Grapefruit liquid hand soap to clean your hands. This is also made from natural ingredients and it will clean your hands without causing any sensations. In order to moisten your hands, use the Grapefruit hand and body lotion. This rich lotion has more than ten essentials oils meant to keep your skin moistened and nourished for a long time.

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J R Watkins Naturals

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