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Great Flavoured Toothpaste Children will Love

If you are looking for a tooth paste for your child that is natural and good for them, then you will want to try our natural Jack N Jill calendula toothpaste.

Natural calendula toothpaste offers your child good tasting toothpaste that is all natural. Not only is the Jack N Jill toothpaste good for them, but they will want to continue to use it because it taste so good. You will no longer have to fight with your child to brush their teeth because they will like the taste so much.

All Natural Ingredients Toothpaste

Jack N Jill Natural calendula toothpaste does not have any chemicals, sulfates, sugars and there are no artificial flavors. You can feel at ease when your child brushes their teeth as they are using something that will not harm them in any way. The toothpaste is so safe that it can be used on newborns and infants by simply using a silicone toothbrush and a small amount of their favorite flavor on the bristles.

Your child will learn healthy tooth care habits at an early age as there will be no reason why they can not brush their teeth with Jack N Jill toothpaste. There are a few different flavors you can choose from, so you will find one your child likes. You can choose from strawberry, banana, raspberry, blueberry and black current. Which one will your child choose today?

Our toothpaste only has simple ingredients in it such as organic Calendula so that it will help sooth gums that may be hurting due to teething, Xylitol to help fight tooth decay and an organic natural flavor of your choice. It is also BPA free and has no sugars.

Natural Toothpaste for infants, toddlers & children

Jack N Jill toothpaste comes in an easy to use squeeze tube so that your child can learn how to use the toothpaste tube on their own. The tube is not very big so it can be easily held in a child’s hand. Each flavor has a certain color lid so the child can see which flavor they want to use if they can not read.

Jack N Jill calendula toothpaste is perfect for your little beginner to start learning how to brush their teeth and keep up the good habit for years to come. Let your child pick their favorite flavor today so they can begin learning how to take care of their teeth. You will not regret that you purchased our toothpaste and you will be one hundred percent satisfied with the results.

Jack N Jill

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