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For the love of coffee - Essence of a Country

For all the people who love to drink coffee you will want to try our Joy Beans Organic Coffee. Our coffee is one hundred percent organic single grain coffee. You will never drink another coffee again.

Joy Beans Organic Coffee is more than just a coffee. It is about sharing where the coffee came from including the culture and the heart of how it was made. It’s about sharing the flavor and the spirit that comes with drinking coffee. It is not just coffee, it is many things put together.

We ensure that the coffee is traded fairly and the system works for the worker and the buyers. The system of trade for our coffee must be fair to the workers who work on the farm, the traders and a system that creates a much better environmental environment. We strive to make sure everything is done so that everyone is happy and the coffee is one hundred percent natural.

We are more than just coffee

There are no chemicals in our Joy Beans coffee and we do not use any type of chemicals while the coffee is growing in the fields, this is how we can create an organic coffee that people love to drink.

Joy Beans coffee has a shelf life of one to two weeks after the bag has been opened. You will need to grind the coffee right before you use it in the coffee maker and make sure you keep it stored in a dry dark place. This is how you can get your coffee to last the entire two weeks and ensuring that each sip you take is a fresh sip leaving you to enjoy each and every sip.

Ensuring every bean we use is produced and traded responsibly

Joy Beans have a few different types of coffee you can choose from including dark roast, light roast and medium roast, so you will find one that you like and one that works for your family. The prices of the coffee are different. It all depends on which type of roast you want.

The next time you are in the market to purchase Joy Beans coffee, simply get your coffee from us so that you can experience the splendid taste our coffee has to offer you. Not only will you be satisfied with the taste but you will be extremely thrilled that the coffee is one hundred percent natural.

Joy Beans

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