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Freshly Dried Organically Grown Herbs

Do you love to drink tea? Well, since you answered yes, you will want to try an organic tea that will knock you off your rocker with the best taste you have ever tasted.

The best organic tea that you will ever have will be our Kin Kin Tea. With twenty five bags per box Kin Kin Tea provide the best quality herbal teas, fresh from the farm to you with 100% natural ingredients.

All Natural Ingredients are used in their Gourmet Teas

The different flavours of tea available from Kin Kin tea are Bancha Herbal tea, Chamomile tea, Gentle Ginger tea, Lemon Grass tea, Gourmet Ginger, Ginger and spice, Raspberry loose leaf, Peppermint and Liquorice Delight tea. With this many flavours you have to choose from, there is no way you would not find something that you like. Just because there are many different flavours does not mean they are not all organic, because they are.

Each herb that is in the teas is organically grown on a small farm near Noosa in Queensland. Each herb in the Kin Kin tea is dried in a special dryer to add to the richness of each of the herbs. The dryer that is used is a solar and wind dryer making it dry the herbs in a natural way so that they are not heated and dried with gas or any other chemicals that could harm the herbs during the drying process. They are dried and packed all on the same farm that grows them so the manufacture can be sure that there are no chemicals used during the making of the teas. The tea bags are made on the same farm as well using oxygen bleached paper.

Freshly Packed Organic Tea

Due to the fact everything is grown, dried and placed in the tea bags all in one place; you can be assured there are no chemicals used on the herbs or tea bags to make them unnatural. You will be one hundred percent satisfied with Kin Kin all natural teas.

The next time you are in the market to purchase teas, simply check out our website and try our Kin Kin tea today. You will have not tasted anything else like it, and you will never again want to drink anyone else’s teas.

Kin Kin Tea

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