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Do you Suffer from Sore Throat and Respiratory System

Kiwi Herbs is a specialist in the manufacture of natural family healthcare products. The products are made from pure herbs and they are trusted to offer solutions to a number of ailments regarding immunity, detoxification, digestion, stress and sleep, and even menopause.

The Kiwi Herb range of products covers the following-:
Immune Support – there are products specifically designed to boost the immune system of both adults and children. Under this category, you will find Children Chest Syrup which is a delicious tasting natural formula for children and babies of all ages. The syrup is used for offering solutions for dry and wet coughs. It also used to clear congested chests in children of all ages. There is also the herbal chest syrup which does the same functions as the children chest syrup but is suitable for the whole family. Other than the chest syrups, the other products covered in the immunity category include Echinature, Winter Guard, Herbal Throat Formula, Herbal Allergy Formula, Echinacea High Potency Capsules etc.

Do you have Unpleasant Symptoms due to Menopause

Meno-Balance amidst other things offers the following solutions to women in this stage-:

  • Stops excessive Sweating
  • Increases mental clarity
  • Helps in moderating temperature fluctuations
  • Improves mood and increase libido

The other herbal product of women experiencing menopause is Stress Care. This is used by the women to reduce tension as well as stress and to also replenish the energy reserves. It’s also full of vitamins that are responsible for nourishing the nervous system.

Stress and Sleep Solutions – The stress and sleep solutions provided by Kiwi Herbs includes the Kid’s Calm, Stress Care and Valerian. The kid’s calm is used to calm down kids or children that are irritated or unsettled. It is suitable for making kids go to sleep, or during long travels with the kids. The Kiwi Herb Valerian on the other hand is suitable for both men and women. Its main purpose is to promote relaxation and sleep besides easing nervous tensions.

Protect and Support your Liver

For someone suffering from digestion and detoxification problems, then the Kiwi Herb Liver Cleanse or Herbal Digestive Aid or the Ginger and Kawakawa Tonic would be most preferred. For instance, the Ginger and Kawakawa Tonic, which is a combination of ginger and kawakawa, is formulated to help ease the following digestive problems-:

  • Bloating in the stomach
  • Poor circulation
  • Discomfort in digestion

For more products about the by Kiwi Herbs, check out the Kiwi Herb category from the Natural Health Organics website.

Kiwi Herb

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