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Does your Immune System need a Boost

“If wealth is lost then nothing is lost, but if health is lost then something major is lost.” The above anonymous saying has a deeper meaning; it directly refers to the health conditions. People busy in their hectic work schedule and life often tend to ignore their health. This ignorant behaviour leads to many health complications.

Kombucha Max Immune system boosting is necessary to keep the body up and running at all times. There are many ways with which the immune system can be boosted, most commonly followed is by resorting to booster juices and other food supplements. Food supplements also include various probiotic drinks.

To describe one, is Kombucha. Kombucha Max is not exactly the probiotic drink that is mentioned, but is the main ingredient to make a potential immune system booster. Kombucha is also known as “Manchurian mushroom”.

Tantalising Green Tea full of Antioxidant

The history of Kombucha Max reveals that it has been discovered way back at the time of BC’s in china. Since then it spread across many countries and the world. The Kombucha drink is made by fermenting black, green or lemon tea. The tea used is the juice or water component of the drink. Kombucha actually is a mixture of a culture of yeasts and bacteria. This culture helps ferment the tea and forms a drink at the end of the fermentation period. This probiotic drink is useful in alleviating the anti-oxidant activity, boost the immune system and manage the gut flora. The Kombucha drink acts as an activator of the own bodily defence systems, hence probiotic.

The composition of bacteria and yeasts determines the end benefit of the drink. The fermentation process is very critical as it can spoil the drink in no time. The fermentation process is carried out in non-sterile conditions and lasts for 6-7 days. The Kombucha Max mix is added to the type of tea used and left for fermentation. The tea is previously supplemented with sugar which helps begin the fermentation process. The bacteria and the yeast use up the sugars to produce the various other probiotic products. During the fermentation process, the Kombucha forms a mushroom like structure floating above, hence the name mushroom.

A Natural Probiotic

At the end of fermentation, Kombucha Max is removed from the drink. The drink is acidic in nature and tastes somewhat similar to vinegar. However, there are a lot of blends available that can nullify the unappealing taste and smell. The same drink is diluted with other fruit juices like pomegranate, lemon, orange etc and thus gives a complete makeover from the raw product.

The health benefits of Kombucha Max are much more than described and are recommended for all age groups. The intake should be under prescribed limits as it can contain around 0.5% alcohol.

Kombucha Max

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